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President Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron spoke by phone on Wednesday amid diplomatic tensions following the United States’ new tripartite agreement with the United Kingdom and Australia, with the two leaders agreeing that there should be an “open dialogue” between the allies. would benefit from the consultation”.

The call between Biden and Macron follows the AUKUS agreement, announced last week, which is set to focus on developing Australia’s nuclear-powered submarine capabilities – an effort France is working on with Australia. was doing.


Blinding France with the deal is another blow to Biden’s claim that “America is back”; The US president sought to reassure allies in a speech to the United National General Assembly this week.

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“The two leaders agreed that the situation would benefit from open consultations between allies on matters of strategic interest to France and our European partners,” the White House statement said. “President Biden conveyed his ongoing commitment in that regard.”

Biden and Macron, on the call, “decided to open a process of in-depth consultation, aimed at creating conditions to ensure confidence and propose concrete measures for common objectives.”

“They will meet in Europe at the end of October to achieve a common understanding and keep momentum in the process,” the statement said.

Following AUKUS’s announcement last week, Macron recalled his ambassadors to the US and Australia, but during the call on Wednesday, Macron “decided that the French ambassador would return to Washington next week,” and that the ambassador would be “senior officials”. Will start intensive work with American officials.”

Meanwhile, Biden reaffirmed the “strategic importance” of French and European engagement in the Indo-Pacific region – which AUKUS sought to address.

France recalls US and Australia ambassadors in response to Aukus nuclear submarine deal

“The United States also recognizes the importance of a stronger and more capable European defense, which makes a positive contribution to transatlantic and global security and complements NATO,” the statement said. “In the framework of its joint fight against terrorism, the United States is committed to strengthening its support for counter-terrorism operations in the Sahel organized by European states.”

France had earlier signed an agreement to send French-made submarines to Australia. Under the tripartite agreement, France is expected to lose a deal worth nearly $100 billion to build diesel submarines for Australia under the terms of the initiative, which will help the US and UK make Australia nuclear-powered.