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President Biden met with protesters who were speaking out against the handling of Afghanistan and mandatory vaccinations as they descended on Sacramento, Calif. to campaign for Governor Gavin Newsom.

“I hope he’s not so far away that he can’t see my sign!” LD Sutherland said, ABC 10. According to. His sign said, “Biden go home,” and he was also holding a recalled Newsom flag.


When Air Force One landed at Mather airport on Monday, there were two dozen demonstrators present with signs saying, “Biden lied, 13 killed“And waved pro-Trump flags.

College students chant ‘F—Joe Biden’ at football games

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“I think this is a very frightening time in our country, and we need to stop this agenda and everything that is there – compulsory vaccination and our open borders and what just happened in Afghanistan,” Sutherland said.

Another protester, Patti Swanson, said it was the first protest she had ever participated in, and was inspired to participate after 13 US service members were killed in Kabul on 26 August during the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Was.

“It’s a huge mistake. Afghanistan was a huge mistake, and they made it really bad,” Swanson said. “And the result was that 13 people lost their lives.”

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“He’s coming here to try to get Newsom to stay in office,” he said. “He wouldn’t have come if there wasn’t a recall Newsom thing. Has he been here before? We’ve had other tragedies, lots of fires. The fires have been going on for months; he’s never been here, so it’s all to Newsom.” About to call back.”

Another video showed protesters standing on Biden’s route to Long Beach City College, where he booed the president before delivering a speech for Newsom’s campaign.

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Biden has faced sharp criticism for his handling of Afghanistan, and even after a broad vaccine mandate was announced last week requiring employees of companies with more than 100 workers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus or undergo weekly tests .

A rally organized by Teachers for Choice against mandatory vaccinations was also held in New York City on Monday, while football fans from Coastal Carolina University, Virginia Tech, Auburn University and Texas A&M were invited to “f–k Joe Biden” at games. “was seen chanting. this month.

Biden launches campaign with Newsom At a rally Monday, just a day before the recall election, where he compared Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder to former President Donald Trump.

“You can either make Gavin Newsom your governor or you’ll get Donald Trump,” Biden said. “it’s not a joke.”