Biden news – live: Supreme Court says Trump must release tax records as president to mark 500,000 Covid deaths

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    COVID-19 vaccines are proving to be incredibly effective. Here’s why experts are knocking down success.

    Another study released on Monday underscored the notable effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. Public health experts in Scotland examined the data of all 5.4 million residents in Scotland, including million-plus who received the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNotech or Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, and found that receiving the first dose left the hospital The risk of being admitted was reduced after four weeks by 85 percent and 94 percent, respectively, as a new, more variable version became effective. The Scottish study has not yet been peer reviewed, but it matches findings from Israel and elsewhere that in the real world, COVID-19 vaccines are an unreliable form of preventing serious infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. Are proving to be good, obviously transmission as well. Still, a lot of people hear the message that David Leonhardt argues in The New York Times about the vaccine, “The vaccines of coronovirus are not 100 percent effective. Vaccinated people can still be contagious. And virus variants. Can spoil everything. … The vaccine is not a get-out-of-free card! “Leonhart writes that this type of” vaccine alarmism “is based on technical truths, but is” fundamentally misleading, “And it is feeding the bulk of Americans, who say they will discontinue a vaccine” partially, because it seems so ineffective. ” So what is missing in translation? “Many educational experts – and, yes, journalists too – are instinctively skeptical and cautious,” Leonhard says. In their own lives, “Many people are getting shot one after the other. They are urging their family and friends to do the same. But when they talk to the national audience, they give a message that Comes in a very different way. It talks about risks, uncertainties, warnings, and potential problems. “America’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci said on GranthshalaSunday that “we’ll get closer to the degree of normality” in the fall, but headlines noted that he also said that “possible” people may still have to wear masks. In 2022. Public health experts actually disagree about where we are in the epidemic and what lies ahead. But when it comes to vaccines, there is widespread agreement. “All seven vaccines that have undergone major tests” are 100 percent effective for serious complications, a group of leading public health experts wrote in USA Today’s op-ed last week. “The best thing is that you can get the vaccine as soon as whatever vaccine you can do is available to you first.” More stories from Theweek.comResign, Andrew Cuomo5 outrageously funny cartoon about Ted Cruz’s Cancun stampede. ‘Green’ energy boom

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