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President Joe Biden’s nominee for comptroller of the currency at the Treasury Department once used a strong adjective to refer to those in the financial services industry, raising questions about their impartiality if the position was confirmed.

“The financial services industry, in my view, and I don’t think I’m alone here, is a ****** industry at best,” Cornell University law professor Soule Omarova can be seen broadcasting a video to Social Media.


Biden’s Choice for Regulating National Banks Receives ‘Lenin’ Award, USSR Praises for Gender Equality

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“Federal regulators must be fair and impartial, but Joe Biden’s bank regulator, Soule Omarova, has called the financial services industry, ‘the quintessentially a ****** industry,'” the American Accountability Foundation. deployment of on Twitter. “How can one expect his office to be treated fairly?”

Omarova’s remarks are the latest controversial move by the Biden candidate, who has already met opposition from at least one Democratic senator in a heavily divided Senate.

Biden controller refuses to turn over Moscow State University thesis on Marxism to Soule Omarova

Sen. John Tester, member of the banking committee that will examine the nominee, has already done said that he has “concerns” about Omarova, who has received strong pushback for her position that the Federal Reserve should provide bank accounts for Americans, rather than private institutions, which they They say Will end banking as we know it.

Additionally, Omarova has drawn the inspection On his previous observations and studies, because he refused to turn in his thesis on Marxism as a student at Moscow State University.

Omarova was born in the Soviet Union which is now the nation of Kazakhstan and graduated from Moscow State University in 1989. She pointed to the practices of the USSR as recently as 2019, when she tweeted about the gender pay gap, citing the USSR as a better model.

U.S. Senate Banking Committee Ranking Member Pat Tomei, R-Pa., asked Omarov last week A copy of his thesis – both in English and the original Russian – to be turned over no later than 13 October for review by the Committee. His thesis, entitled “The Economic Analysis of Karl Marx and the Theory of Revolution in Capital,” remains a matter of interest to some members of the committee.

Unspecified – circa 1865: Karl Marx (1818–1883), philosopher and German politician.  (Photo by Roger Violet Collection/Getty Images)

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“While it appears that you have removed any reference to your thesis in the edition of your Curriculum Life (CV) which is currently available on the Cornell Law School website, the paper appeared on your CV as recently as April 2017 given,” Tumi wrote on 6 october

Omarova had not complied with the request as of Tuesday, Granthshala News has confirmed.

GOP Sens, led by Toomey and Crapo, attacked Dems' IRS reporting requirement proposal.

Ms. Omarova has had time to attack Republicans in an interview with the Financial Times, but she couldn’t be bothered to adhere to the Banking Committee’s requirement that the nominees—regardless of their political party or ideology—remain in their writings. Submit copies of,” said Amanda Gonzalez Thompson, a Republican spokesman for the Senate Banking Committee. “We certainly hope she will reconsider so that senators have the information they need to fulfill their constitutional duty to advise and consent to appointments.”

Omarova did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Granthshala News.

Granthshala News’ Peter Aitken contributed to this report