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President Biden’s previous promises to “shut down the virus” have been slowly backtracked after the Omicron version discovered the president said the United States would need to “beat it back” before “shutting it down”. .

Biden has regularly promised on the campaign trail that he would “shut down” the virus if elected. Biden regularly said it was former President Trump’s “incompetence” that led to “locking down the country in large part,” and assured voters that his administration would take care of the pandemic more efficiently.


However, as the latest version, O’Micron, begins to pop up in the US, the president’s language becomes less impressive and his promises less grand.

When Biden was asked if he still intended to “shut down,” Biden replied, “We have to beat it back before we can shut it down. Look, it’s going to take time around the world. To beat COVID.” We need to shut this down around the world.” Virus during a December 3 press conference.

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The phrase “beat it back” has been used more frequently by the Biden administration in recent weeks and has become more common than the “shut it down” message that characterized Biden’s early promises.

“Experts say COVID-19 cases will continue to rise in the coming weeks this winter, and we will see more omicron cases here in the United States in the coming days, weeks, and months,” Biden wrote USA Today op-ed on Thursday evening. “I know Americans are tired of COVID-19 and want to know when it will end, and the new version is adding to that uneasiness.”

Biden continued, using the same phrase, “We’ll beat this with science and speed, not chaos and confusion—as we did in the spring and again in the summer and fall with the more powerful Delta version. “

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on December 2, 2021 in Washington DC, with the White House James S.  Brady speaks during the daily news briefing in the press briefing room

The president isn’t the only official to downplay past expectations. Press Secretary Jen Psaki similarly expressed concern as the Omicron version is attracting international speculation.

“I would say, there’s a lot we don’t know about the version yet,” Psaki said in Thursday’s press briefing, when asked about Biden’s pledge to “shut down” the virus. “And it is challenging and frustrating – I understand – for Americans, for all of you. And we want to give space and time to public health officials, who are working 24/7 to provide assessment and guidance on this.” are.”

Saki emphasized the amount of unknown variables in the Omicron variant, and only speculated that further vaccination and masking could return America to “a version of the normal”.

“There’s a range of options, as Dr. Fauci has talked about and our medical experts have talked about. It could be less lethal; it could be more. We don’t know. So I just want to say that We are – this is the next step in this process,” Psaki continued.

“The President – ​​and you will hear him speak on this today – continues to believe that if we build on the bold steps we have taken to date, if we continue to make vaccines more accessible, to increase testing, By increasing the masking, we can return to a version of the more-normal in this country. That’s what everyone wants and everyone wants to see.”