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President Biden Chris Dodd, praising D-Con’s character, on Friday compared him to someone who treats waitstaff well, despite allegations that Dodd was part of an alleged sexual assault of a waitress in 1985 .

Speaking at the dedication of the Dodd Center for Human Rights at the University of Connecticut in stores, Biden honored his former Senate aide, who represented Connecticut from 1981 to 2011.


Claiming that “he watched closely” how Dodd “fought for human rights and human dignity in the Senate,” Biden said he measures a person’s character by how they treat waitstaff.

“People who tell me they care about people and then disrespect the waitress or waiter. People who tell me they care about how, really, people deserve to be treated with respect and stand by someone to walk on the edge of the shoe and don’t say hello,” Biden said. “People who just don’t do decent things to normal people. That is the real solution.”

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“I’ve never seen Chris walk by, figuratively speaking,” he said.

as of 1990 Profile In GQ’s Ted Kennedy, a drunken Dodd allegedly became involved in sexually assaulting Carla Gaviglio, the late Massachusetts senator, a waitress in the now-shuttered. brewery Restaurant on Capitol Hill.

“As Gaviglio enters the room, the six-foot-two, 225-plus-pound Kennedy grabs the five-foot-three, 103-pound waitress and throws her on the table,” GQ said. “She lays down on her back, scattered crystals, plates and cutlery and lit candles. Several glasses and a crystal candlestick are broken.”

“Kennedy then picks her up from the table and throws her at Dodd, who is propped up on a chair,” the magazine continued. With Gaviglio on Dodd’s lap, Kennedy jumps on top and begins rubbing his genital area against hers, supporting his weight on the arms of the chair.

GQ said Gaviglio fled the room “hurt, shaken and angry at what he believed to be sexual assault.” The owner of La Brasserie confirmed Gaviglio’s account at the time, as did another waitress and two busboys.