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President Biden on Thursday detailed his negotiating position with Liberal Senator Joe Manchin on the climate-related portion of his spending bill, saying the West Virginia senator is open to the possibility of tax incentives for clean energy practices.

Biden acknowledged that Manchin opposes his Clean Electricity Performance Program, a $150 billion initiative that will reward utility firms for making the transition to clean energy and penalize those who do not. The president said he is prompting Munchkin to accept an alternative plan that would shift that money toward tax incentives and the development of sustainable energy technologies.


“Joe Manchin argues, we still have coal in our state,” Biden said during a CNN town hall. “You’re going to get over it eventually, we know it’s going to go away, we know it’s going to go away, but don’t rush it so much that my people have nothing to do.”

Manchin says carbon tax isn’t on the table ‘right now’

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“We can take that $150 billion, add it to the $320 billion that’s in the law, now that it’s ready to support for tax incentives, to get people to act in a way that they going to be able to do the things that need to be done,” Biden said.

Munchkin has emphasized elements of the climate plan included in Biden’s original spending bill. John Tester, a senator from West Virginia and fellow liberal Senator from Montana, another energy-producing state, both indicated they were against the idea of ​​a “carbon tax” as an alternative to the CEPP.

Biden said the tax incentives would reward green energy practices such as the installation of eco-friendly windows. The funds from CEPP could also be diverted towards the development of battery technologies or reduction in the cost of solar panels, he added.

The president said he had no formal agreement with Manchin regarding adjustments to his energy proposal. Democrats are trying to reach a framework agreement on a scaled-back energy bill by Friday.

“There are a lot of things that I’m open to explaining that we can use this to increase environmental progress without that particular deal,” Biden said.

Biden repeatedly referred to his ongoing talks with Manchin, which, along with Arizona’s liberal Sen.

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At an earlier event, Biden said he was opposed to including a work requirement as part of his expanded child tax credit program, which would pay parents monthly based on their income levels. ManChain supports a work requirement and has called for the program to be minified back or removed from the package.