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The White House said on Monday that President Joe Biden supports an investigation into the August drone attack that killed 10 civilians and seven children in Afghanistan.

Clarifying during a White House press briefing that Biden was briefed on Friday morning about the report about the Pentagon strike, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, “I would say, first, the president’s point of view — and All our thoughts – this loss is the tragedy of any civilian life.”


Psaki reiterated Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and General Kenneth McKenzie’s comments that the drone attack was “accidental,” and confirmed that “clearly, the investigation that will continue is something that the President is widely supported.” “

“As a human being, as a president, as a person who has overseen loss in various scenarios, as a leader and personally, his response is that it is a tragedy and every The loss is a tragedy and he supports the effort to pursue it as soon as possible and to conduct a thorough investigation,” he added.

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Saki would not say whether anyone would be fired or otherwise held responsible for the drone attack, which the Pentagon initially claimed killed the “planners and facilitators” of the August 26 suicide bombing of ISIS-K In which 13 American service members were killed.

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Asked about the possible consequences for those responsible, Psaki said, “I think what is important is that the Secretary of Defense and the President and General Mackenzie come forward and make it very clear that they take this step forward quickly.” Wanted to see. They wanted it to be as transparent as possible. They wanted to learn from what had happened.”

Saki also advised Americans to note that the attack was conducted amid threats from ISIS-K against American troops.

“Obviously, it was done by mistake. And obviously, there was a terrible tragedy. But I’m not going to predict what the effect will be,” she said.