Biden Throws Some Not-So-Subtle Shade At Trump Without Even Saying His Name

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The president slammed his predecessor on one of his most famous claims.

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President Joe Biden Tuesday attracted laughs with a subtle jab at Donald Trump Referring to one of his most bizarre claims.

speaking in Colorado infrastructure, biden called for immediate action To address climate change.


“We know what causes climate change: human activity. It’s no longer a matter of debate,” Biden said. “And I might add, windmills don’t cause cancer.”

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Trump has a long history of attacking wind turbines, mainly because he thought they spoiled the scene From one of their golf resorts. he even unsuccessful trial to stop them.

Trump in 2019 famously claimed That the noise of windmills caused cancer. Does not happen like this.

And earlier this year, he went even further.

“They are building windmills everywhere to destroy our land and kill our birds,” Trump said. “to kill everything

Windmills “Don’t Kill Everything” and Have Been a Risk to Birds exaggerated. According to Sierra Club, Far more birds are killed by communication towers, power lines, windows and cats than by windmills.

“For the sake of the birds, the environment and the beauty of nature, wind and solar power are a better option than coal, oil and nuclear power,” the group said on its website.

The Sierra Club also called for action to be taken to reduce the number of bird deaths.

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