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President Biden is set to promote a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for businesses during his rescheduled visit to Chicago on Thursday, where he is set to meet with leaders from both the private and public sectors, and will stress that That those requirements will eventually “speed up”. Coronavirus pandemic.

The president is set to meet in Chicago with leaders who have implemented vaccine requirements, including Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby.


The president is set to tour a construction site in Elk Grove Village that is being built by Kleko, one of the largest construction companies in the Midwest. At the event, Kleko is expected to announce his “strong support” of Biden’s plan to require vaccinations or weekly testing. The company is also ready to announce the implementation of a system of vaccination or testing for all of its employees in line with Biden’s requirements.

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Biden signed an executive order last month stipulating that all executive branch employees be vaccinated against COVID-19. Biden also signed an order requiring businesses with more than 100 workers to mandate coronavirus vaccinations.

White House officials previewing the president’s visit said his message “will be clear.”

“Vaccination requirements work. More people are vaccinated than vaccination requirements, helping to end the pandemic and strengthen the economy,” an official said. “That’s why it’s a leader in enforcing vaccination requirements for 100 million workers – two-thirds of all workers in America”

“That’s why we are seeing increasing momentum for vaccination requirements in all regions and across the country,” the official said.

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The White House released a new report ahead of Thursday’s visit saying immunization requirements are helping to raise vaccination rates, get people back to work and bolster the economy.

According to White House officials, the analysis looks at current vaccination requirements in health care systems, educational institutions, businesses and the public sector. Officials said the report “demonstrates with data that the vaccination requirements work and will speed our way out of the pandemic.”

The report found that vaccination requirements have helped “cut the rate of Americans who are already illiterate by a third” and stressed that increases in vaccination rates could return “up to 5 million workers in the labor force”.

Biden’s visit to Chicago was initially scheduled for last week, but was rescheduled amid talks with Congress over his Build Back Better Act and a bipartisan infrastructure deal.