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President Biden’s choice to become comptroller of the currency within the Treasury Department, Soule Omarova, joined a Facebook group for Marxist and socialist discussion in 2019, according to a post in a group called “Marxist Analysis and Policy.”

This week, the right-wing American Accountability Foundation resurfaced a 2019 post from a public Facebook group for the first time. One member posted, “Let’s welcome our new members: Soule Omarova.”


The post links to a Facebook account that has been in operation since at least 2017, with a profile picture that appears to be of Omarova. The account’s profile picture has 85 visible likes and 14 visible comments, some of which are from people who would appropriately run in the same social circle as Omarova. These include a law professor at the University of Minnesota and a Cornell professor of engineering.

The White House announced it was nominating Omarova — a Cornell law professor — to run for the head position that governs national banks last month. Since then, Omarova has come under rigorous scrutiny for her previous comments which were very hostile Towards the financial services industry. He has also been attacked by Moscow State University’s thesis about Marxism, demanding that Sen. Pat Tommy, R-Pa, be handed over to the Banking Committee.

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Omarova previously worked at the Treasury Department under former President George W. Bush and has a history in private law practice.

Biden controller refuses to turn over Moscow State University thesis on Marxism to Soule Omarova

Granthshala Business sent messages to both Omarova and the White House requesting confirmation that the Facebook account is authentic, and asking for comment. Neither answered.

The Facebook group’s description states that it is for socialism and against capitalism.

“This Marxist group is a forum for analysis, policy (sic) and controversy from the perspective of a diverse range of socialist and anti-capitalist ideas,” it says. “We are against exploitation, inequality, racial (sic) discrimination and ecological destruction at the core of capitalist social relations. The working class has the capacity and capacity to replace capitalism and change itself in the process. Only working people, by ( sic) ) their own efforts, can free ourselves from capitalism. We stand for the self-liberation of the working class and socialism.”

The group’s rules state, “No personal abuse will be permitted. Nor will racist or fascist remarks be tolerated. Support for the Tory party is not acceptable. Culture of diverse Marxist, socialist and radical ideas. Outline for the group.” Is.”

san pat tommy

Biden nominee Soule Omarova calls financial services ‘quincentennial A—— industry’

Posts in the group indicate that this is a forum for serious ideological discussion, not a parody forum. A post in the group from 19 October promotes a lecture by a Dublin City University professor about “A Marxist Narrative, from Marx and Engels to COVID-19”.

Older posts include the slogan “ACAB” (All Police Are Basterds), and celebrate the 2020 Seattle Autonomous Region protests as the center of the fight for socialism.

“Seattle once again emerged as the center of anti-capitalist mobilization,” read one poster. “Protesters occupied 6 blocks, declaring them police-free zones. They act like a ‘Soviet’, with many radical anti-police and anti-capitalist speeches.”

The poster said: “The radicalization of youth and youth activists is very important in Seattle. It shows a path of protest in the rest of the country. It is at one of these times that the public is increasingly radicalized, and they are open to for revolutionary socialist alternatives to decaying capitalism.”

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omarova specifically in facebook group currently none of the posts appear to be live.

American Accountability Foundation founder Tom Jones said Omarova’s relatively recent membership in a Marxist Facebook group would undermine any attempt by the nominee to distance himself from previous Marxist writings.

“Group status and membership are important because I think at some point she’ll come out and say, ‘Well, you know, the Marxist thing isn’t really a thing for me anymore, I’m just a financial regulator,'” Jones. he said. “I think this reinforces that his past of being a Marxist scholar continues in the Soviet Union.”