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White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain was criticized on Wednesday for tweeting a list of thank you “talking points” about the Biden administration to use when talking to “that uncle”.

In a play on the “conservative uncle” trope often deployed by liberals around the holidays, Klain offered his own advice.


“One last item for your Thanksgiving dinner: Some talking points for when ‘Uncle’ comes to you about @POTUS,” Klein tweeted along with a list titled “President Biden’s Top Accomplishments.”

The list includes several bullet points about “tackling inflation,” lowering the cost of prescription drugs, and working with Republicans on infrastructure and the Chips and Science Act.

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“Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress are extreme,” says the last item on the list.

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CNN commentator Mary Katharine Ham wrote “God, please don’t” in response to White House official Jennifer Molina’s tweet on that list which said “bring receipts to Thanksgiving dinner!”

Tom Bevan, co-founder of Real Clear Politics, highlighted parts of the list, including an emphasis on the president’s work with Republicans, and a final bullet point calling Republicans “extreme.”

“Thanks, Uncle Ron,” said Chuck Ross of the Washington Free Beacon.

Ellie Yocley, a senior reporter for Morning Consult, said that Klein’s tweet was “quite indictment of the state of our country.”

US President Joe Biden reacts as he greets Chinese President Xi Jinping before a meeting on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, Monday, Nov. 14, 2022.

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“Ask your uncle what has impressed him about his year or what he has struggled with. Ask him what he is grateful for or what he wishes for. Ask him what he would like for Christmas. Or if he’d like another glass of wine with you. Maybe leave. His thoughts on the CHiPS Act or macroeconomic trends?” Yocley said in a follow-up tweet.

Jeremy Boring, co-founder of The Daily Wire, also responded to Klan’s tweet, stressing that family is more important than politics.

When someone’s “crazy leftist aunt” brings up politics at Thanksgiving, she wrote, “In almost every instance family is more important than politics,” after listing “talking points.”

Representative Virginia Foxx, RNC. said that the list “can also be used as kindling.”

Ahead of Thanksgiving, Biden served the traditional indulgence of two turkeys, chocolate and chips at the White House on Monday.

“First of all, the votes have been counted, verified, no ballot stuffing, no ‘bird’ game. The only red wave this season will be if German Shepherd Commander knocks over cranberry sauce on our table.” ,” Biden said at the ceremony.

Turkey will be more expensive this year due to increased fuel, feed and processing costs, two turkey farmers told Fox News on Tuesday.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in our input costs,” said Kyle Scott, co-owner of Old Glory Farms in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. “Feed being the biggest, then we pay for a [Department of Agriculture]-Inspected processors to process and package our birds when they’re ready, and it’s definitely labor driven. It’s even more expensive.”