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Media Research Center founder and president Brent Bozel spoke about Biden’s Justice Department on “Life, Liberty and Levin” on Sunday, which came after parents and taxpayers protested school boards.

“I’m scared,” Bozel said.


Host Mark Levine said “we now know” that the Biden administration “conspired with the Attorney General’s office to enforce federal law enforcement against parents” who threaten school board members.

Bozel said it’s “astonishing” that the new policy is putting parents on trial.

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Bozell discusses the apparent dichotomy between the media’s treatment of two Virginia statewide office candidates who made egregious statements or gaffes, including Terry McAuliffe, who Levine said, “says what’s going on in the classroom includes parents.” really has no say.”

In 2006, the then Sen. George Allen, R-Va. He was stumped for re-election when his campaign exploded following a racially charged remark directed at a tracker for his Democratic rival, former Sen. Jim Webb.

Bozell said that the Washington Post and other outlets published “over 56 stories” in relation to the episode—but there has been little or no equal confrontation about the former government’s attitude toward McAuliffe that parents should have. should not be included in the curriculum.

“Think when George Allen ran for governor with the famous ‘Macaca’ moment. There were 56 stories In Washington Post About this [it] — About George Allen’s mistake,” he said.

Mark Levine ‘controversial’ in media over coverage of school board meetings

Bozel said the media has not given a similar investigation to McAuliffe, calling it a “cover-up.”

“They should go to Terry McAuliffe and say, ‘How are you feeling now? What do you say now, Mr. McAuliffe?'”

Levine said the same media scrutiny should be given to McAuliffe’s campaign surrogates, including First Lady Jill Biden and former President Barack Obama.

“Where is the President of the United States on this story?” asked Bozel. “The President should speak up. Where is Kamala Harris?”