This big boy has a big problem.

A Big Boy franchise location in Michigan terminated its franchise agreement by Big Boy Restaurant for allegedly violating coronovirus restrictions.

The franchise space in Sandusky has allegedly violated Michigan’s most recent coronavirus restrictions, which require restaurants to have indoor food until December 8 due to a spike in positive cases. The state is currently experiencing exponential growth which is almost four times higher than the previous peak in April.

Big Boy Corporate reached out to franchise owner Troy Tanks to prevent the franchise from operating under his name.

Big Boy Corporate reached out to franchise owner Troy Tanks to prevent the franchise from operating under his name.

However, Big Boy in Sandusky continued to serve customers indoors, while allegedly having the ability to follow other coronovirus safety measures such as limiting up to 50% and practicing social distance, Michigan Live Reported.

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Big Boy reached out to Troy Tank, the owner of the corporate headquarters franchise, to prevent the franchise from operating in his name while complying with a statewide health ordinance.

“Big Boy has always been dedicated to the health and safety of his customers and employees,” Michigan Live’s statement said. “A franchise action in Sandusky, Michigan as a brand, our operations or standards are not representative of Big Boy.”


According to a GoFundMe Founded by the franchise, the owner reported that “the franchise agreement with Big Boy Corporation LLC has been terminated,” but now “Sandusky Family Restaurant”, as the fundraiser calls itself, fighting back against Michigan’s coronavirus restrictions Continues.

“We just have to get down, send everyone home, and hopefully our staff will be able to jump through all the hoops,” Tank said of his decision to remain open to Michigan Live. “They will be left to themselves as the holidays arrive, and I’m not okay with it.”

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The restaurant is open every day and in violation of state regulations, it will face a fine of $ 1,000, the tank wrote in GoFundMe. Currently, the restaurant has imposed a fine of $ 5,000 for non-stop.

GoFundMe currently raised a little over $ 7,500 of its $ 10,000 target.

Big Boy Corporate did not immediately respond to a request for comment.