Big match pulled from tonight’s WWE NXT – Report

    The story between Carrion Cross and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar has been building for weeks now. Tonight, the two were about to step inside the ring and resolve their differences. But now, it seems that the match is no longer happening.

    According to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, tonight’s match between Kroos and Escobar has been pulled from tonight’s episode.

    There is no argument as to why the match is not happening or when and why it will be rescheduled. There have been reports of late that the Crows are being fast-tracked into the main roster. There is a possibility that the two things may be connected, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

    Carrion Crowe competes with Legado del Fantasma on WWE NXT

    Croce and Scarlett have been feuding with Legado del Fantasma on WWE NXT for the past several weeks. When the match was officially confirmed, there was a lot of discussion about the matchup. This was a unique pair that we had not seen before on NXT.

    With the match being pulled, it will be interesting to see if WWE provides a reasoned argument or if they will ignore it altogether.

    The only confirmed match for tonight’s WWE NXT is to face Candice Lera and Way’s Hartwell with Amber Moon and the Shotzie Blackheart team. It will depend on the black and gold brand to fill tonight’s show.

    Are you surprised that tonight’s match has been pulled? Are you looking forward to seeing Cross and Escobar in action tonight? Let us know by the looks in the comments section below.

    Published 18 February 2021, morning 06:36

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