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Former President Bill Clinton has returned home in New York after spending five nights in a hospital in Southern California.


The University of California Irvine Medical Center released the 75-year-old at around 8 a.m. local time on Sunday. A Clinton aide said he was being treated for a urinary infection that had spread to his bloodstream.

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In a statement shared on Twitter by Clinton’s spokesperson, Dr. Alpesh N. Amin said, “Clinton’s “fever and white blood cell count have returned to normal, and he will return to New York to complete a course of antibiotics.”

The Clinton Foundation said that prior to her hospitalization Tuesday, Clinton was in the Los Angeles area for private events related to her charitable organization.

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Clinton’s body responded well to the antibiotics, according to spokeswoman Angel Ureena. He never went into septic shock, a potentially life-threatening consequence of such infections.

“President Clinton has continued to make excellent progress over the past 24 hours,” Ureena said in an earlier statement. “He’s in great spirits and is spending time with family, hanging out with friends, and watching college football.”

Bill and Hillary Clinton celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary on Monday, just a day before the former president was hospitalized. She spent the week with her husband and was joined by their daughter, Chelsea, on Saturday morning.

The former First Lady was with him when he left the facility on Sunday. Dressed in jeans and a sports coat and wearing a face mask, he slowly exited the hospital and stopped to shake hands with the doctors and nurses standing on the sidewalk.

When a reporter asked how he was feeling, he gave a thumbs-up and he and Hillary Clinton rode in a black SUV. They left in a convoy escorted by the California Highway Patrol and headed for the airport.

Former President Bill Clinton, standing with his wife Hillary, was discharged Sunday morning from UC Irvine Medical Center after he was admitted and treated for urological and blood infections. (Alan J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times via Ge.

On Friday, President Joe Biden revealed that he had spoken to the former president while sending “his best wishes.”

“He’s doing fine; he really is,” Biden said during remarks at the University of Connecticut.

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42nd President Bill Clinton arrives just before the opening ceremony of the 45th President Donald Trump’s 100th Annual Veterans Day Parade. (Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images)

Bill Clinton has been battling health issues since leaving the White House in January 2001. He underwent quadruple bypass surgery in 2004 after prolonged chest pain and shortness of breath.

The following year, he suffered a partially collapsed lung – requiring surgery. In 2010, doctors implanted a pair of stents in the coronary artery.

Due to lifestyle changes, the former president largely switched to a vegetarian diet and lost weight. This improved health.

Much of his post-presidential life has involved stumping for Democratic candidates – most notably his wife’s 2008 and 2016 presidential bids.


Associated Press writer Lou Keston in Washington contributed to this report.