Bill Maiher defends Army Hammer on misconduct allegations

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    The actor has called the claims against him “nonsense”.

    Bill Maher has defended Army Hammer after several women accused him of emotional and physical abuse.

    Last month, the women began sharing screenshots of alleged messages from Hammer, where they expressed fantasies of cannibalism, rape and kidnapping, and claimed that he was molesting her.

    The Call me by your name The star has been dropped by his agent and publicist in the wake of the accusations, but last month said in an Instagram post: “I am not responding to these nonsense claims.” His lawyer has also called the allegations “unreasonably untrue”.

    Last week (5 February), Maihar came to the rescue of Hammer on her show Real Time with Bill Maher. “I think we can talk about where feminism is, because apparently, the Army is a precursor to Hammer for telling his dates what he wants them to eat,” he said. “Who else wouldn’t want to be eaten by the Army Hammer? Come on.”

    He To suggest that Hammer had “moral human cannibalism fetishism” and thought that porn was to blame. “We’re in such a porn-centric society – people have actually been watching hardcore porn for so long that ‘Spank You’ never really cut it,” he said.

    Army Hammer. Credit: Vera Anderson / WireImage

    Maihar then blamed Hammer’s alleged victims, saying: “My point is that the women who are now objecting to this, along with Army Hammer – voluntarily – and voluntarily stayed out – and there were no physical belongings.” Wasn’t happening, well … we all agree that can be unbearable.

    “But if there was no physical coercion, then why not record it now, ‘It was a good idea at the time like Army Hammer gave me food, but it really wasn’t.’ It seems that we have no ownership of our choice.

    When panellist Charlotte Alter mentioned that one of the women had accused Hammer of carving her body into her body, Maher responded: “Did he knock her down and do it?” I do not think so. “

    Hammer’s ex-wife shared a statement on the controversy with the actor earlier this month (2 February). “I am trying to process everything that is transpired,” she wrote. “I am shocked, heartbroken and devastated.”

    “The heart is broken, I am listening, and will continue to listen and educate myself on these delicate matters. I did not know how much I knew. I support any victim of assault or abuse and anyone who has experienced this pain needs to ask for help or heal it. “

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