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Billie Eilish is opening up about how her life and career have changed since skyrocketing.

Every year since 2016, the 19-year-old star sits down for the same interview at Vanity Fair, answering the same series of questions and reacting to her previous answers.


In her latest edition of the discussion, the star was once again asked whether she feels pressured or not.

“I feel a lot of pressure, but I’ll still say the same [in the earlier years of her career]’I was loved more,’ said the singer. “I was totally loved, I would say, to be honest. I was scared because I wanted to keep that love.”

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Since then, things have changed, as has his attitude.

“Now, like so many people hate me, I’m not worried anymore,” Eilish explained. “I’m like, ‘Oh, well, well, if you like me, you like me, if you don’t, you don’t.'”

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His previous answers to the question were also highlighted during video interview,

“Yeah, but I don’t care,” she said earlier. “I don’t really care. It’s that kind of pressure, like it hits me, and then I don’t care.”

Eilish said he is

In the present day Eilish admitted that she had been “lying” during her previous replies, but did not elaborate on her feelings about the pressures at the time.

After seeing another reply from the past in which the “Happier Than Ever” musician said she didn’t feel intensely pressured, she said: “It’s just me trying to convince myself that I don’t care.”

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“Each one,” he insisted. “Every one. I know I care and I was coming up with some really stupid quote that would make me pretend I don’t care.”

Eilish said she was 'lying' in the past when she said she didn't care about the pressures she was facing.

She said she was “filled with these inspirational quotes” that she “didn’t even agree with most of the time.”

“Every time I see an interview with a 16 year old, I’m like [blows raspberry],” he admitted. “Everything I said was very stupid. Not even stupid, it wasn’t what I was really thinking.”

Star explained that at the time, she was thinking, “I’m overwhelmed. I hate it. Everyone expects something from me, I don’t have anything to give them. I f—kings suck.” My jewelry is nice. I want a tattoo. I want a car.”

In a Vanity Fair piece, Eilish also addressed her British Vogue cover, which went viral.

“I did a Vogue cover and it was a style we were shooting for,” she said of the shoot, which featured the star in lingerie. “It was kind of an old Hollywood lingerie kind of classic thing. And it was considered a specific aesthetic for a photoshoot and then it was like ‘Billie Eilish’s new style’ and people were like ‘Wow, her new style it’s so’ Stay tuned. Much better than the old style.’ Or like, ‘Wow, I wish we could have her old style back, I’m so sad she just turned into this.'”

Eilish continued: “It was so weird because I was like, this isn’t a new style, it’s a thing that I’m wearing and then I’m gonna wear it the other day and then I’m gonna do this. Literally that thing What I’ve done Ever since I started, I’ve been preaching what you want. How you want, behave the way you want, speak what you want. I’ve never had that much It’s just open to new things and don’t let people ruin it for you.”