Bitcoin was trading more than 4.3% lower on Wednesday morning.

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According to Coindesk, after reaching $57,000 on Tuesday, bitcoin was trading at around $54,750 per coin, while rivals Ethereum and Dogecoin were trading around $3,445 (-1%) and 22.3 (-0.58%) cents per coin, according to Coindesk. Were were

Mississippi Baptist Church has become the first Southern Baptist church to accept cryptocurrencies for donations and tithes.


Mississippi Southern Baptist Church First to Accept Cryptocurrency Donations

Back Bay Baptist Church in St. Martin announced in late September that it would accept digital currencies as COVID-19 made it difficult to collect traditional payments.

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“When COVID hit we stopped passing around an offering basket,” Adam Bennett, pastor at Back Bay Baptist, told WLOX. “We actually have a little basket in the back of the room.”

The church accepts bitcoin, ethereum, usd coin, dogecoin, litecoin, die and bitcoin cash. Parishioners can choose to either give or invest an amount pre-determined by the Church, “at least $10 worth” of Litecoin or more than $100,000 worth of Ethereum.

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Meanwhile, CoinDesk reported that bitcoin buyers are trading with caution as overbought signals appear on the charts. Resistance is seen at around $58,000-$60,000, which was the level before the price drop in May. However, this time around, the pullback could be limited to the $50,000-$52,000 support area, the report said.