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Blac Chyna took off from the handlebar at Miami airport on Sunday – when she went on a loud rant asking fellow passengers to “get the f-king vaccinated.”

“Doom” was the rapper captured on video Shouting a string of abuses and his anger at anyone who refuses to get a jab at the Miami international’s conference about a COVID-19 vaccine.


“Go get the f-king vaccinated, stop being stupid,” he shouted at a passerby.

A masked Chyna begins her COVID vaccine lecture after a woman with a child was asked for a picture with the 33-year-old model and hip-hop star, TMZ reported.

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“Go check out,” he began a scathing attack. “It’s sad, and it really blows the fk out of me.”

She adds, “Go take a shot! Same thing you have to do to enroll your kids [in school].” and, “That’s why people’s grandparents are dying and they’re dying.”

At the end of the video, she hears the passengers laughing at his passionate speech and compares their laughter to a “hyena”.

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Chyna was wearing a multi-colored patterned coat with indigo hair and sunglasses. Two men who appeared to be bodyguards were traveling with the former reality star.

Earlier this year, Rob Kardashian’s ex went live on Instagram while getting the vaccine at his home. She hosted a Q&A session with fans and the person who fed her.

“I’m really glad I did that,” she told her fans. “I honestly want to keep everyone safe and keeping our kids safe is the most important part… everyone get vaccinated, stay safe stay healthy.”

Chyna shares her 4-year-old daughter Dream with the Kardashians and 8-year-old son King Cairo with rapper Tyga. The mother of two is currently rumored to be engaged to Tayen Hector, also known as “Lil Twin”.

A representative for Chyna did not immediately return Page Six’s request for comment.