Bloodstock director to “step back” after “uninformed” tweets about pronouns

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Director Vicky Hungerford “will take the time to educate himself properly for better understanding”

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Metal festival Bloodstock director Vicky Hungerford will “take a step back from her role” following criticism for a recent tweet.

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Hungerford responded last week (October 14) after saying in a since-deleted tweet: “If you’re going to start putting pronouns on your email, I may refer to you as he or she, I Binning your email.”

Amid protests from Twitter users, the festival’s entertainment manager Paul Watling also announced that he was stepping down “for obvious reasons” and that Hungerford’s remarks “are not an isolated incident.”


“You cannot promote a festival of inclusivity without involving everyone,” he said.

I’ve left Bloodstock as entertainment manager tonight for obvious reasons. There are hundreds of people who make this…

was published by Paul Chunk Watling Feather Thursday, October 14, 2021

That evening, Bloodstock’s Twitch account also stopped streaming. A statement said: “We as a community and festival strive to welcome and support people’s choices […] We’ve decided it would be inappropriate to stream tonight – and for the foreseeable future – as if nothing had happened.

After deleting his original comment, Hungerford said: “So it looks like my last tweet offended people and that was not my intention, I deleted my tweet because some people were upset and I’ve never bothered anyone.” Didn’t intend to!”

This was followed by a more substantial apology, in which Hungerford said: “My post was leaking to my frustration that some people now think they have to sign with a pronoun, not necessarily just because they want to. .


“I apologize for the way I said it and how it came out. I am a kind, compassionate and inclusive person and, to me, metal is an important part of what the community is, or should be.

Screenshots have also been shared that show Hungerford saying: “For the love of god can we all stop with this gender neutral crap!!” in 2018.

The next day (October 15), Bloodstock announced that Hungerford would take “a step back” from the festival, “effective immediately, and would take the time to properly educate itself for better understanding”.

“Bloodstock is a festival that has always strived to be inclusive, welcoming and supportive of all groups of people. We are ashamed and disappointed by the recent lack of understanding, awareness and opinion within the Bloodstock camp.

“These views are not a reflection of the entire festival.”

In August Bloodstock announced that Lamb of God and Merciful Fate would be the title of the 2022 edition, which would also include the likes of Testament and GWAR.

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