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a desperate search for missing 2 year old Indiana The girl passed away on Sunday after rescue teams recovered her body on the bank of the river from where her father was earlier rescued from a submerged vehicle, officials said.


Emma Sweet His father, Jeremy Sweet, was found dead on the banks of the White River near Columbus on Friday morning. Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office said:,

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“I have never in my 30 years in law enforcement seen such collaboration and teamwork in an investigation,” Sheriff Matt Myers said. “I had no doubt that men and women looking for Emma would find her.”

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The Bartholomew County coroner is working to determine the cause of the child’s death.


Personnel from several agencies immediately began searching the land and river along the White River for Emma Sweet. (Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office)

According to investigators, Emma Sweet was last seen on Wednesday and was reported missing on Thursday along with her father, Jeremy Sweet.

On Friday morning, duck hunters find Jeremy Sweet inside his submerged truck in the White River. After rescuers pulled her out, investigators learned she had her two-year-old daughter with her – but she was nowhere to be found.

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The personnel of several agencies immediately started a search for the missing child.

While it was believed that Emma’s coat was found downstream, investigators said there was no sign of a missing 2-year-old child until her body was recovered from the river on Sunday morning.

“I pray to God to comfort them during this difficult time,” Myers said, referring to the child’s family. “I would again like to commend the first responders and everyone who came out to help find Emma.”


Jeremy Sweet’s pickup truck was recovered from White River on Saturday. (Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office)

It was not immediately clear how the vehicle reached the river.

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The sheriff’s office said Jeremy Sweet, who was taken to hospital for hypothermia after being pulled from White River, was being held without bond for 72 hours while the investigation continues.

The sheriff’s office said that at the time Jeremy Sweet was pulled from the water, he was out on bond for illegal possession of a firearm, a serious violent offender, as well as possession of methamphetamine.

Officials said Jeremy Sweet gave investigators several conflicting stories about the incident, FOX59 Indianapolis reported,

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