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US Border Patrol agents stationed in the Yuma sector said on Monday they arrested a migrant trying to enter the country, who is facing a felony conviction for first-degree child rape and incest.

Texas Border Patrol agents search homes filled with nearly 100 illegal immigrants


The sector’s chief patrol agent, Chris T. Klemm, tweeted that Edgar Antonio Gutierrez-Martinez has been handed over to the US Marshals to face prosecution. He posted a picture of the suspect in the back seat of a van. The Border Patrol did not immediately respond to after-hours emails from Granthshala News.

CBS 13 informed of Agents confronted Gutierrez-Martinez on Monday and learned about the culprits during a background check.

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The arrests underscore security concerns at the border during an increase in migration.

Border Patrol agents in Texas arrested several criminal illegal immigrants arriving in the US last week, including sex offenders with former convicts and an MS-13 gang member.

There were 9,278 arrests of criminal migrants in FY21 till the end of August, compared to 2,438 in FY20 and 4,269 in FY19.

The State Department said in an email to The Associated Press that 11,411 refugees were allowed into the United States during the budget year that ended Thursday. It was the previous lowest – 11,814 in 2020 – and the 62,500 ceiling set by President Joe Biden in May.

Refugees were not included in the numbers, thousands of Afghans brought to the United States were withdrawn from Afghanistan by American troops.

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