OTTAWA — Confusion at the Canada-U.S. land border is causing some B.C. residents to be ticketed for not submitting a negative PCR test after traveling south to obtain essential supplies, says Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair .

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On Tuesday, Blair said he spoke with the president of the Canada Border Services Agency and re-clarified his directive that provides testing exemptions to fully vaccinated B.C. residents in border towns, resulting in food, medicine, and food in the U.S. Or want to take gas. Due to severe flood in the state

Asked if the situation has been improved, Blair said, “Actually, yes, it has happened.”


“That instruction was given to the border service agencies but obviously some clarification was required and now that has been given,” he said.

Blair announced over the weekend a relaxation of the Quarantine Act for those individuals.

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It accelerates the end of previously planned PCR testing for Canadians traveling abroad for less than 72 hours, set to begin on November 30.

some have reported that they have been heavily fined for violation of the Act.

The Conservative Party issued a statement on Tuesday urging action and an apology from the government.

According to statements from MPs Ed Fast and Brad Wiss states, “Conservatives are extremely concerned to hear reports that flood-affected B.C. residents have been asked to cross the border for COVID-19 tests to obtain gas and groceries.” being charged for.”

“The last point is that residents who are affected by floods and lack everything from food to gas needs, are okay. That’s why Canadian conservative Trudeau is calling on liberals to apologize to residents who were fined for complying with rules set by the emergency preparedness minister, and to formally revoke these fines. ,

More details to come…