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Hundreds of migrants are crossing the border into Texas on Saturday, many of whom are originally arriving from Haiti.

“This situation has completely spiraled out of control,” Granthshala News’ Bill Melugin said on Saturday in Del Rio, Texas, showing hundreds of migrants crossing the Rio Grande into the US.


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“We came here two days ago. It’s only gotten quite bad. Honestly, it’s amazing to see what we’re seeing here on this river because we’ve been here for two hours, almost two hours, and this line of people Haven’t stopped.”

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Melugin said it was a “crisis in every way in size”.

The sighting comes after thousands of migrants, most of them from Haiti, were seen under the international bridge in the region over the past few days. The number of migrants under the bridge on Wednesday stood at about 4,000, and by Friday about 11,000 people had been shot.

It is unclear how such large numbers accumulated so quickly, although many Haitians have gathered in camps on the Mexican side of the border, including from San Diego to Tijuana, to decide whether to enter the United States. to try or not.

US Customs and Border Protection said it was closing the border crossing with Ciudad Acua, Mexico, “to respond to urgent security and security needs.” Passengers were being directed to Eagle Pass, Texas, 57 miles away.

The Biden administration is currently planning a widespread deportation of Haitian migrants, with plans to bring the migrants back to Haiti starting Sunday.

The details are yet to be finalized, but will include five to eight flights a day, according to the official who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity.