Border Patrol agents on horses are cracking whips at Haitian immigrants. How is that OK?

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Now US Border Patrol agents are riding horses, flogging Haitian immigrants?

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I couldn’t believe it. But it’s true, and it’s just rebellious.

El Paso Times Described the situation like this:


“As Haitians tried to climb the American side of the river on Sunday afternoon, the agent shouted: ‘Let’s go! Now go! Back to Mexico!’

“The agent dangerously rams his horse, charging his horse towards the men in the river, who are trying to return to a camp under the international bridge in del Río after buying food and water in Ciudad Acua, Mexico. Were.”

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Is this really America?

And is this really happening under a Democratic president who promised humane immigration methods after his Republican predecessor sealed the US-Mexico border for migrant children and asylum seekers?

Biden is handling Del Rio the wrong way

It is difficult to understand what is happening. President Biden has a real problem, and he’s handling it in the worst possible way.

More than 10,000 mostly Haitians – some put that number up to 15,000 – continued to flock to Del Rio, Texas, to seek refuge from the total chaos following several disasters in their country.

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Over the weekend, the White House launched a massive deportation drive Three flights landed in Haiti’s capital Port au-Prince on Sunday. According to The New York Times, six flights a day are expected for three weeks.

The Biden administration is expelling Haitians under Title 42, a health provision Trump enacted during the COVID-19 health pandemic. A judge stopped using it but gave Biden two weeks to appeal, which he has.

Bad immigration policy under Donald Trump remains bad policy under Joe Biden.

I think the White House is using all means necessary to get deported as soon as possible.

But agents on horseback, whipping them, surround them like cattle? There was a lot of talk on social media about whether agents were using whips or bridles. Like will it be okay?

The whole strategy is just awful. No one seeking asylum should be treated like an animal.

Trump was wrong, wrong, wrong to cage migrant children, and now Biden is no better. The president must stop his Border Patrol cowboys from going around Haitians.

Alvia Diaz is an editorial columnist for The Republic and Azantral. up to 602-444-8606 or . arrive at [email protected]. follow him on twitter @lvidiaz1.

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