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Border Patrol agents who were pictured in Del Rio stopping migrants on horseback and whom President Biden promised they would “pay” as he echoed false claims that agents “strapped” migrants – if If the investigation turns up, they could get little more than a few days’ suspension. As expected by some senior officials of the administration.

Democratic lawmakers and left-wing activists claimed the agents are at the center of a Department of Homeland Security investigation after images emerged that showed them using a “whip” against migrants. Officers and agents immediately noted that the agents were actually using long bridles to control their horses, and were twisting them to propel the horses, not to attack the migrants.


Acting CBP chief ‘shocked’ by images of border patrol on horses, doubles down as administration

Since then, videos have surfaced to support that claim, while the photographer behind the original images has said that he did not see anyone whipping the migrants. But the administration has doubled down, with DHS Secretary Meyerkas claiming the images “conjure up the worst elements of our country’s ongoing fight against systemic racism.” Meanwhile, Biden added fuel to the fire of claims that agents were whipping up, and even running down, migrants.

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“To see people being treated the way they did, horses running hard, people being tied up — it’s disgraceful,” Biden said on Friday with his hand whipped. “I promise you, they will pay. There is an investigation going on now and there will be results. There will be results.”

Exactly what those results would be is debatable. Despite angry rhetoric from the White House, senior administration officials told Granthshala News the investigation should produce little more than a few days’ suspension with agents’ pay — and that it should be a “non-issue.”

An official told Granthshala News that it was the first time the horse unit had been assigned to the bridge, and their first exposure to the migrant surge – where more than 15,000 migrants gathered on the bridge.

Biden administration bans use of horses in Del Rio amid dame outrage

The agents are said to have not had clear rules of engagement, but they listened to the radio and went to help other agents who needed it and stop the migrants from crossing.

“He did his job,” said the officer.

Meanwhile, Border Patrol chief Raul Ortiz, who supported agents at a news conference with Mayercas, last week briefed several congressional committees – including the Congressional Black Caucus. However, the key interview will be conducted by the Office of Professional Responsibilities – which is in charge of the investigation. Granthshala learns that six agents are under investigation.

Biden stunned to go to war with his own agents over false ‘whipping’ allegations border patrol

A source familiar with the investigation told Granthshala News that a team of Justice Department investigators is investigating possible civil rights violations in Del Rio. The DHS office of the Inspector General may also be involved.

However, a senior administration official told Granthshala News that he believes agents should face a possible suspension of several days with only pay.

Any attempt to fire agents is expected to be resisted by Ortiz, who reiterated last week that he supports the use of horse patrol in all relevant areas of the border.

Those with knowledge of the matter say that the investigation may depend on what the agents said, not what they did. was an agent filmed Saying: “You use your women?, That’s why your country’s sh–, because you use your women for this.”

However, “shouting at people is not a crime,” the official said, adding that the National Border Patrol Council had sent lawyers and the men are “well represented.”

He also noted that despite the massive crush of thousands of migrants, neither an agent nor an expatriate was hurt – a feat he described as “incredible”.

Mayerkas’s claim that the agents had been transferred to administrative duty was also challenged. While agents are not negotiating with the migrants, as Meyerkas said, one official said they have not lost their badge or their gun, and are merely taking care of the horses.

“Either you are riding a horse or taking care of the horse and that is what they have been doing for the past few days… taking care of the horses,” the officer said.