Boris Johnson facing rebellion on social care – follow live

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Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth Brands Health and Care Bill ‘Care Con’

The government faced a possible backbench revolt on Monday amid anger from lawmakers, after poor pensioners were faced with overpaying for the cost of care as part of changes to a controversial health and care bill.

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Concerns were raised after the publication of a policy paper last week that revealed means-tested support provided by local authorities to some pensioners would not count towards the £86,000 lifetime cap.

Pressed on whether this meant people would still be forced to sell their homes to pay care bills, Trade Minister Paul Scully said he hoped no one would have to resort to it, He cannot completely guarantee it.


The shadow health secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, is calling on cross-party lawmakers to “reject” the proposals and force ministers to “come up with something fair”.

“If you live in a million-pound house … if you need social care 90 percent of your assets will be protected,” the Labor MP told Sky News. “But if you live in a £80,000 terraced house [outside of the south] You lose almost everything. It’s not fair, it’s not flat. This is daylight robbery. ,

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Watch live as Johnson delivers speech at CBI conference

Watch live as Boris Johnson delivers speech at CBI conference
Sam Hancock22 November 2021 10:11

PM admits that exports to the EU fell by 11% in the first half of the year

NS daily Mirror‘s Rachel Wearmouth Report live from the conference in the North-East of England:

Sam Hancock22 November 2021 10:10

Leveling up an ‘economic imperative’, says Johnson

Johnson told the conference that leveling up is an “ethical mission” as well as an “economic imperative”.

The PM further says that as he grew up he became “more idealistic and less cynical”.

They also discussed their recently published plan to include electric vehicle charging points with all buildings, homes and supermarkets built from next year.

Johnson “acknowledges” that when he was mayor, the push to go greener in London was not a priority, while now “we have seen a tipping point,” he says.

Sam Hancock22 November 2021 10:07

Johnson delivers speech at CBI conference

Boris Johnson has arrived on stage at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) annual conference, where he is delivering a speech on the state of the UK economy after COVID.

Sam Hancock22 November 2021 10:00

ICYMI: Watch Sajid Javid out of mandatory Covid vaccine

Sajid Javid denies mandatory vaccines
Sam Hancock22 November 2021 09:57

The ideal version of the UK must be reshaped to stop the migrant crisis – Zahawik

Following my earlier post (9.11am), Education Secretary Nadim Zhawi said it was important to “kill the business model” to stop the migrant crisis.

Asked what it would take for the people of Calais to take asylum in the UK, Mr. Zahvi told LBC: “What will happen, hopefully, are you killing the business model. You kill the business model. Because. Basically, at this point in time if they feel that once they reach these shores the legal system can be used to allow them to stay here, then they will continue to do so.

“If the message gets out too quickly, and I’ve already seen it on the issue … what was the Belarusian government doing to weaponize migration against Poland and other countries.”

He continued: “Once the message gets out that those people can’t be found, they very quickly stop … doing that.”

Radio presenter Nick Ferrari then asked the Tory MP to “grade” his colleague Priti Patel based on her handling of the crisis. This is what went down:

Sam Hancock22 November 2021 09:53

Johnson urges lawmakers to stop tax evasion on other jobs

Let’s get to the latest from the Tory Sledge row now. Boris Johnson is being urged to prevent lawmakers from evading taxes on their other jobs by channeling income through low-tax private companies.

A total of £1m is being paid to at least 10 MPs through such an arrangement, an investigation by many times Got the newspaper.

The approach, which is perfectly legal but raises eyebrows, could reduce the tax bill for higher earners by potentially avoiding the top 45 percent tax rate on personal income.

our policy correspondent john stone The full report is:

Boris Johnson urges lawmakers to stop tax evasion on other jobs

MPs broadcasting £1 million outside earnings through individual companies

Sam Hancock22 November 2021 09:21

New migrant workforce to consider moving families from hotels to barracks

A newly formed committee aimed at streamlining Britain’s migrant crisis will reportedly consider strategies including those seeking asylum in army barracks instead of hotels.

This comes after Health Secretary Sajid Javid claimed on Sunday that Covid has made it more difficult to send unsuccessful asylum seekers back to the countries they came from.

The prime minister last week drafted the Duchy of Lancaster Steve Barkley as chancellor to oversee the issue of the increasing number of migrants arriving on Britain’s shores. and on Monday, Wire said Mr Barkley would chair the group’s first meeting earlier this week after hundreds of people made dangerous Channel crossings into the UK over the weekend.

The newspaper said the initiative would consider housing consideration, the possibility of cutting benefits, if withdrawal agreements could be strengthened for third countries as well as “offshoring” when processing claims.

So far this year, more than 24,700 people have reached the UK after crossing the Channel in small boats – almost three times the number there in 2020.

Labor has accused Home Secretary Priti Patel of “massively failing” to stop the flow.

A group of people deemed by the RNLI as migrants are brought to Dungeness, Kent after a small boat incident in the Channel

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A group of people deemed by the RNLI as migrants are brought to Dungeness, Kent after a small boat incident in the Channel

Sam Hancock22 November 2021 09:11

Jonathan Ashworth Says ‘It’s Not a Care Plan, It’s a Plan of Care’

The shadow health secretary has accused Boris Johnson of “ruining the trust placed in him in the last election” by making changes to the health and care bill that goes against the promises he made.

Speaking to Sky News this morning, Jonathan Ashworth said, “When you look at the description of it, you can see that it’s not a care plan – it’s a care plan”.

Explaining, the Labor MP continued: “If you live in a £1m household, perhaps in the home county, 90 per cent of your assets will be protected if you need social care.

“But, if you live in an £80,000 terraced house in Hartlepool, Barrow, Mansfield or even Wigan, you lose almost everything. It ain’t fair, it ain’t flat. This day It’s a robbery of light.”

Mr Ashworth said the Labor cross-party is calling on lawmakers to “reject the offer”, urging ministers to return to the drawing board “and come up with something better and better”.

Sam Hancock22 November 2021 08:40

Commons vote on social care reforms expected later today

The House of Commons will vote today in light of changes made by Boris Johnson’s government to the health and social care bill.

Here is the full parliamentary program for today (Monday 22 November):

House of Commons

2:30 home office questions

3:30 urgent question/statement

Health and Care Bill – Phase One (Day 1)

A short debate on BioYorkshire and the development of the bio-economy

Upper House

2:30 oral questions

3:15 The Education (Environment and Sustainable Citizenship) Bill – Committee Phase

Police, Crime, Punishment and Court Bill – Committee Phase (Day 10)

Sam Hancock22 November 2021 08:24


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