Boris Johnson says climate summit ‘turning point for humanity’ – follow live

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Boris Johnson tells world leaders to UN it is time for humanity to “grow up”

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Boris Johnson tells world leaders to UN it is time for humanity to “grow up”

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Boris Johnson has told leaders at the United Nations that the world is not “indestructible” and that the upcoming climate summit in Glasgow is a “turning point for humanity”.

The prime minister was addressing the General Assembly early Thursday in the final act of his US visit, where he also discussed the COVID-19 pandemic and trade.

Mr Johnson said it is time for humanity to “grow up” and that we are currently doing “irreversible damage” to the planet. He acknowledged that a rise in temperature is inevitable, but added that we can hope to “stop that rise”.

Meanwhile, Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer released a 14,000-word essay in preparation for an important make-or-break party convention later this week.

Missile reveals “10 Key Simple Principles” that include “putting families first who work hard” and “if you work hard and play by the rules, you should be rewarded fairly.”

Although former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell told Granthshala The lengthy pamphlet was full of “insults” and contained no information about “what the Labor government will actually do”.


Sadiq Khan calls for climate action as London faces heat and floods

Sadiq Khan will say today that the climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges facing London, with millions already at risk from rising temperatures and worsening flooding.

In a keynote address ahead of Cop26, the crucial summit to be held in Glasgow, the mayor of London will warn that “time is running out” to get the world on track to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and climate leadership from the government request to show.

Nearly half of London’s hospitals, one in five schools and a quarter of the city’s railway stations are already at risk of flooding, according to a City Hall analysis.

independent Climate correspondent Daisy Dunne reports.

Sadiq Khan calls for urgent climate action as London faces scorching heat and floods

London mayor launches citywide campaign to inspire citizens and businesses to tackle crisis

Joe Middleton23 September 2021 09:05

Government aims to cancel PCR tests for foreign travel, says minister

Trade Minister Paul Scully said the government could eliminate the need to conduct PCR tests when traveling abroad, with October as a half-term holiday.

Asked on Sky News whether PCR tests will be phased out for half the time, the minister said: “That is absolutely the objective.

“We’ve got the system in place because we want to go into lateral flow trials to make it easier and cheaper for people to be able to enjoy those vacations in half-period.

“The aim is later in October.

“We know the half-term is approaching, we know people want to move away, but we also want to encourage business travel, because it’s investment in the UK, it’s investment in jobs and for people.” creates opportunities.”

Joe Middleton23 September 2021 08:50

‘We have an epidemic when it comes to violence against women and girls’ – Sadiq Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called violence against women and girls an “epidemic”, urged men to be “allies” and said the practice should be made a hate crime.

It comes amid a national outcry over violence against women following several high-profile crimes, including the murder of Sarah Everard, who was kidnapped from the street in Clapham, south London, and the recent death of a primary school. The murder of teacher Sabina Nessa. The attack took place while walking in a park in Kidbrook, south-east London.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Mr Khan said that misogyny should be made a hate crime, and harassment against women in a public place should be a criminal offence.

He said: “Between last year’s International Women’s Day and this year’s International Women’s Day, 180 women were murdered by men across the country.

“We have an epidemic when it comes to violence against women and girls.

“I think we men should be allies in solving this issue.”

Joe Middleton23 September 2021 08:41

Keir Starmer faces defeat over Labor rule changes after cold reception from unions

After failing to secure the backing of trade unions at a crucial meeting, Keir Starmer faces the prospect of defeat or a humiliating U-turn on his plans to change Labor leadership election rules.

A rejection or backlash on the controversial plans would be a major blow to Sir Keir’s authority ahead of his first individual party conference as leader, which is due to start in Brighton over the weekend. Critics have also raised the prospect of a new leadership election if he moves forward with the proposals.

The Labor leader met with union chiefs at the party’s trade union liaison committee on Wednesday, and was hoping to secure his vote for changes to Labor’s National Executive Committee (NEC) and convention next week.

but Granthshala Realizing that all the unions in the room were either hesitating or opposing the rule change, Sir Keir had the option of either deferring the changes or applying further pressure and potentially losing the vote.

policy correspondent john stone is the details.

Keir Starmer faces defeat over Labor rule changes after cold reception from unions

Labor leaders want to give more power to MPs by abolishing ‘one member, one vote’

Joe Middleton23 September 2021 08:35

Minister says taxes will need to be increased to keep £20 UC uplifted

Trade Minister Paul Scully has said taxes would need to be increased to maintain the £20 weekly Universal Credit rise.

They told sky News: “The Chancellor… will look at the whole aspect of public finance in the review of the budget and upcoming expenditure.

“But if you want to reverse Universal Credit, you’ll have to levy income tax equal to 3p on a penny plus fuel.

“You have to find £6 billion somewhere.”

Tell him that “most people would accept putting a penny on income tax”. are paying with one hand and raising and raising taxes with the other, especially for the lowest payments.”

Joe Middleton23 September 2021 08:18

Liz Truss ready to emphasize Mexico’s support for UK to join international trade deal

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will emphasize Mexico’s support for the UK to enter into an international trade deal when she visits the country on Thursday.

She will travel to Mexico from the United Nations General Assembly in New York, where she has represented the UK along with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

After meeting with President Joe Biden, Johnson acknowledged that a deal with the US was not going to happen.

But Ms Truss will focus on the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), and discuss plans to develop a new and updated deal between the UK and Mexico.

The CPTPP is a free trade agreement between Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

The UK applied to join in February, and in June the CPTPP announced that the accession process would begin.

Ms Truss said: “Close ties with Mexico are an important part of our plan to strengthen economic, security and diplomatic ties with like-minded allies who share our belief in free enterprise and free trade.”

Joe Middleton23 September 2021 08:07

Keir Starmer’s ’10 principles’ for power discard the pledges that won him Labor leadership

Keir Starmer has unveiled the “10 key principles” behind his pitch for power, but left out many leftist pledges that helped him win the Labor leadership.

The 14,000-word essay, released before the make-or-break party convention, does not mention promises to “economic justice”, “common ownership”, “equality” and “protect the rights of migrants”.

Instead, the Labor leader’s “10 Simple Key Principles” include “putting families first who work hard”, rewarding those who “work hard and play by the rules” and promote “honesty, decency and transparency in public life”. restore is included.

independent deputy political editor Rob Merrick Report.

Keir Starmer’s ’10 Principles’ Left Campaign Pledges to Quit Power

No promise to advance ‘economic justice’, ‘shared ownership’ and ‘equality’ in 14,000-word essay

Joe Middleton23 September 2021 07:59

Boris Johnson says Glasgow climate summit ‘a turning point for humanity’

Boris Johnson called on world leaders at November’s climate change summit in Glasgow to be “terrible” as he completed a US visit, raising hopes of a deal…


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