Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson joked that he felt “like OJ Simpson” as he struggled to wear gloves at a vaccine center in Wales on Wednesday.

The wise-minded conservative leader made this remark, as he wore blue gloves at the COVID-19 vaccination facility in Cwmbran.

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A nurse with Johnson said “absolutely” before she finally squeezed the tight gloves on her hands.

He Perhaps the 1995 famous trial of the actor and football player referred to the moment when Simpson was asked to put on a glove that he believed was used in the murder of his ex-wife and his friend .

He He was unable to place them properly, and his lawyer famously told the jury: “If it doesn’t fit, you should be acquitted.”

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Simpson was later found not guilty on the murder charges, in a verdict that remains highly controversial to date. Simpson was found liable in a civil suit two years later.