Boris Johnson urged to enact ‘David’s Law’ to remove online anonymity

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Former Conservative minister Marc Francois urges PM to ‘toughen’ online harms bill

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Conservative former minister urged boris johnson In whose memory did he propose “David’s Law” to “harden” the online harms bill? Sir David Amesey.


Marc FrancoisThe Rayleigh and Wickford MP said Sir David had become “increasingly concerned” about the “toxic environment” in which MPs were working and suggested a ban on social media anonymity to tackle the issue. Gave.

Sir David Ames was stabbed to death Performing surgery on a constituency Friday in Leigh-on-Sea. Ali Herbie Ali, 25, was arrested on suspicion of her murder and is still in custody.

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Addressing the House of Commons during a series of tributes to Sir David on Monday, Mr François highlighted the vitriol faced by women MPs online, saying he was “despicable” directed towards elected officials on social media platforms. “Shocked” by the “anti-women abuse”. Facebook And Twitter.

He told the House of Commons: “If social media companies don’t want to help us break the Twitter quagmire, let’s force them by law to do so because they have ample opportunities to do so voluntarily.

“Surely we can all agree that we came here to try, for which we are now systematically maligned day by day, regardless of our party and upcoming online Take the damages bill and make it categorically strict.”

In response to the abuse, he urged lawmakers to “keep David’s law on the statute book”. Mr François acknowledged that “while people in public life should be open to legitimate criticism”, they should no longer “condemn or subject their families to the most horrific abuses, especially those from Those who hide behind the cloak of anonymity. Social media companies for profit.”

Mr Francois paid a heartfelt tribute to his colleague and friend, saying he was “determined” to “not let him die in vain”.

“Farewell my colleague, my great friend, indeed the best friend I have ever known,” he said.

Sir David Ames, best known for his long-running campaign to make Southend a city, died on Friday

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Mr Francois’s proposal comes as Home Secretary Priti Patel is considering whether to ban anonymous social media accounts amid concerns over the high amount of online abuse faced by lawmakers.

Asked if she could introduce legislation to remove the right to anonymity on social media, Ms Patel told Sky News: “I want us to see everything and work is already being done .

“I spend a lot of time with the communities that have been attacked who have put all kinds of postings online and it’s a struggle to get those postings removed. We want to make some big changes to this.”

However, shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy warned that removing anonymity online could threaten the work of pro-democracy campaigners in authoritarian countries, who are likely to be persecuted for revealing their identities.

“We have to strike a balance, because social media can be a huge force,” she said.

“You have some incredible campaigners – the women of Belarus, the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, the youth of Afghanistan – they have managed to use social media to make themselves heard.”


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