Boris Johnson’s majority slashed after Tory rebellion – follow live

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Lawmakers vote to approve controversial social care proposals

Boris Johnson fell short of his 80-seat majority in the House of Commons last night as lawmakers approved controversial changes to England’s social care system by a margin of 272-246 – a majority of 26.

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Some 19 Tory MPs joined Labor to vote against the amendment – meaning contributions made by local officials on behalf of some pensioners count towards the £86,000 cap – while former PM Theresa May and former health secretary Dozens of others, including Jeremy Hunt, absent.

The measure now faces further opposition as it moves to the House of Lords, where Baroness Finlay has said peers will “examine” the government’s reforms “very carefully”. He played on BBC Radio 4S. told Today This Morning Program: “Maybe we can say to the Commons, ‘Can you think again?’ … because, frankly, there is a lot of restlessness”.


Changes to the health and care bill announced a few days ago would save the government £900m per year, making the cost of life-long social care significantly less generous for poor pensioners, while allowing wealthy homeowners to pass on most of their wealth. will be allowed. to their children.

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Sam Hancock23 November 2021 08:00

Lords ‘very carefully’ to scrutinize social care costs, warns cross-bench peers

Baroness Finlay of Lindaf has said the House of Lords will “examine” the government’s social care reform “very, very carefully”.

Professor of Palliative Medicine and a cross-bench colleague told BBC Radio 4’s . told Today program: “I think when it comes to the House of Lords, we will need to examine it very carefully.

“We will do what Lord’s does well, which is to go over every line, discuss everything in it and we would also like to see an assessment of the overall funding.

“So, I don’t think there will be a quick response by any means, but I think we will spend a lot of time investigating.

“Assessment of the impact will be very important and we will need to know in detail as we will need to examine it.”

she added:

“Maybe we say to the Commons, ‘Can you think again?’ It’s all restlessness.”

Sam Hancock23 November 2021 07:55

Prime Minister sees reduction in majority in Commons vote on social care costs

Boris Johnson dropped his House of Commons majority in a crucial vote on social care, as 19 Tory lawmakers joined Labor to vote against a controversial cost limit, while dozens of others stayed away.

Labor and some Tory lawmakers accused the PM of backtracking on his promise that no one would be forced to sell his home for care, after it became clear that some were made by local officials on behalf of pensioners. Means-tested contributions will not count towards the £86,000 cap.

Labor health spokesman Justin Maders told the Commons that the plan was “Robin Hood in reverse”, to pass from the poor to the rich. He said the change was “not fair” and “not fixing social care” – but was a “betrayal”.

our political editor Andrew Woodcock Report:

Boris Johnson sees Tory rebellion over controversial cap on social care costs

Plan branded ‘Robin Hood in reverse’ by Labor

Sam Hancock23 November 2021 07:54

Good Morning

hello and welcome GranthshalaRolling politics coverage. Stay tuned for the latest reaction to last night’s Commons vote, which saw ministers and MPs rolling back a controversial amendment to the funding cost cap in England.

Sam Hancock23 November 2021 07:42


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