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Lawyers involved in one of several lawsuits against “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Erica Jane and her estranged husband Tom Girardi served a subpoena to Bravo producers on Wednesday, Granthshala News can confirm.

Lawyers are seeking “any unpublished footage of”rageAccording to the summons obtained by Granthshala News, which also includes Erica Jane.


Attorney Jay Adelson, who previously worked with Girardi, told Granthshala News that Bravo is believed to have footage that directly pertains to the civil lawsuit he’s already filed against the reality TV star. has done.

Adelson exclusively told Granthshala News, “We believe Bravo has hundreds of hours of unaired broadcast footage as well as documentary evidence that directly pertains to the case.” “So far Bravo has chosen to use the Girardi embezzlement scam to raise ratings and make significant money for itself.”

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Adelson said, “The victims have been seen doing things like watching ‘Real Housewives’ cast members eat caviar pie and drink specially made vodka served by white-gloved employees, because they ruined Tom’s life.” ” “Victims watch Erica cry crocodile tears as she is ‘forced’ to move into a $10,000 apartment a month while she and her glam squad parade around in a lifestyle that we Very few of them would know.”

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Girdhari was accused of $2 million embezzled from plane crash victims The couple’s assets were confiscated back in December and later. A month ago, Jayne filed for Divorce.

Girardi and Jayne have been accused of getting a divorce to protect their money and property.

Granthshala News obtained court documents in August indicating Girardi’s law firm Had a debt of over $100 million and Jayne, an entertainment company owned by EJ Global LLC reportedly received $25 million from Girdhari.

Adelson calls on Bravo to “stop protecting” Erica Jane.

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“We are hopeful that Bravo will change course and stop protecting Erica and its own bottom line and continue to sabotage our investigation and help the victims recover the money they needed,” the statement said. Wouldn’t make a bad decision.”

Erica Jane’s attorney, Evan Borges, confirmed to Granthshala News that he had not seen the summons and described the move as a “fishing operation.”

“If it is directed at Erica then the summons sounds like a fishing expedition or a ploy of desperation,” Borges told Granthshala News in a statement. “I continue to explain that there are no hidden treasures, which we have supported by providing counseling for the bankruptcy trustee with all relevant bank accounts and financial information in Erica’s possession.”

“There’s only a little bit of additional information that I need to provide to the trustee, which, from what we’ve provided, suggests that Erica’s filing for divorce was for legitimate reasons and she’s trying to make it up on her own.” Still working.”

Bravo did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Granthshala News.

Granthshala News’ Julius Young contributed to this report.