Brazilian Congress elects Bolsonaro allies as new leaders

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    The president’s allies were elected as the head of the Senate and lower house, a major victory before next year’s presidential election.

    Brazil’s Congress has elected two allies of President Jair Bolsonaro to lead the Senate and the lower house, an important victory for the far-right leader as he attempts to re-develop his reunion efforts for 2022 Does.

    Arthur Lira of Progressives (PP) won the first round of votes for the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies by 302 votes out of 513. Earlier, Democrats (Dem) Rodrigo Pacheco was elected state speaker with 57 votes out of 81.

    Bolsonaro took the results on Twitter, posting photos of himself with the new Congress leaders.

    He Individually became involved in leadership battles in both houses of the legislature, rectifying his turbulent relationship with Congress and turned down 61 impeachment requests.

    The speaker of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, who are elected to a two-year term by their allies, are prominent gate-keepers in Brazilian politics, with the power to decide which legislation comes to a vote.

    The Speaker of the lower house has the power to bring or accept impeachment to the president – no small matter for the leader “Trump Trump”, which has halved dozens of such intentions in his four-year term.

    Lira promised “neutrality” in leading the House and kept a minute’s silence to honor the victims of COVID-19.

    Bolsonaro, who currently has no political party, has struggled to pass legislation in Congress and is increasingly unpopular among the second wave of COVID-19 in Brazil.

    He Won the election in 2018 with support from the business sector, to push through a long-delayed program of privatization and austerity reforms.

    But he has made almost no progress on that agenda. Instead, the economy has taken a beating from the epidemic, which Bolsonaro has insisted and brought down.

    Seeking to use leadership votes to increase his dominance with Congress, Bolsonaro aligned with the coalition as a “centrao,” or “big center”, a loose group of parties whose traditionally traditionally Reaching government posts.

    New position in congress

    Lira’s main challenge came from Balea Rossi of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB), a candidate supported by the previous lower house speaker Rodrigo Mia (DEM).

    Maia has a strained relationship with Bolsonaro, and other MPs from her party have challenged her to return Lira.

    He Allegedly threatened to use his last day in the Speaker’s seat to open impeachment proceedings against Bolkerson

    If at least 257 of the 513 total votes were received on Tuesday, the voting may take place in the early hours of Tuesday.

    Bolsanaro’s standing in Congress should now clear up growing controversy for his impeachment from critics, who have filed 60 requests to unite him, mainly to deal with the coronovirus epidemic that killed about 224,000 Brazilians Have given.

    Pacheco of the Center-Right Democrats Party has vowed to seek an agreement between fiscal constraints and aid to socially vulnerable Brazilians.

    He He has also said that he would not prioritize the privatization of Eletrobras, one of Latin America’s biggest utilities and one of the government’s biggest asset sales, as it works to cut the fiscal deficit.

    Despite a deep recession and the world’s second deadliest COVID-19 outbreak, public opinion polls show Bolsonaro retaining his original support of a third of voters, though his support in January as the second wave of the epidemic Reduced.

    His popular support, along with a growing desire to discuss traditional horse-trading in Congress, has helped him secure the political underpinnings of the center-right legislation.


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