Brian Jones’ Daughter Believes He Was Murdered

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The Rolling Stones were founded in 1962 after guitarist Brian Jones advertised for bandmates. After struggling a bit with writing original material, the band took off, bumping into The Beatles. Since then, the band has experienced its ups and downs. However, the Rolling Stones suffered the biggest setback when Jones accidentally drowned in their swimming pool in 1969. Fans started having conspiracy theories that he was murdered shortly after. But fifty years later, do fans still believe the murder rumours? Jones’ daughter does.

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Brian Jones died in 1969

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Jones was pulled out of his swimming pool on the morning of July 3, dead after being found by his girlfriend, 21-year-old model Anna Wohlin. He was only 27 years old. The coroner announced that Jones had died “by accident” and that drugs and alcohol were the cause of the drowning.

A few days later, The Rolling Stones held a free concert in Hyde Park, dedicated to Jones. Drummer Charlie Watts and bassist Bill Wyman were the only Stones to attend the funeral. Jagger was already on his way to the movie ned kelly.


Fans thought it was strange that Richards and Jagger didn’t attend. With Jones’ strained relationship with the band at the time of his death, fans began to think that he did not care that his bandmate had died. Or worse, that they were somehow involved.

‘Crazy’ Beatles song featuring a Rolling Stone on saxophone

Fans start conspiracy theories that Brian Jones was murdered

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On the night he died, others were staying at Jones’ home, including Frank Thorogood, a builder who repaired Jones’s home, and Jenny Lawson, a 22-year-old nurse. Since Thorogood was believed to be the last person to have seen Jones alive, speculation began that he had killed Jones during a dispute over money.

In 1993, rumors began to spread again when Tom Keelock, the driver and “fixer” of The Rolling Stones, reportedly told Classic Rock magazine. Independent) that Thorogood had admitted to killing Jones. However, Keylock maintains that this story is false. Both Paint It Black: The Murder of Brian Jones Geoffrey Giuliano and . By Who killed Christopher Robin? There are claims by Terry Rawlings that Jones was murdered by Thorogood, and those versions of events were dramatized in the 2005 film. drunker.

According to gecko’s denThorogood’s daughter, Jane Bell, spread the rumor even more that it was Jagger and Richards who killed Jones. Rumor has it that Jagger and Richards were on Jones’ farm to sign to The Rolling Stones. When things got heated, Keith stabbed Jones. Other rumors claim that Jagger somehow killed Jones because he was jealous.

People Still Think Jones Was Murdered

Wohlin still suspects there was a mistake. “Brian is still portrayed as a bitter, worn-out and depressed man who was fired because of his drug habit … and who died because he was drunk or overrated,” He said Mirror in 2013. “But my Brian was a wonderful, charismatic man who was happier than ever, had given up drugs and was eager to pursue his music career.”

Wohlin thinks it was Frank Thorogood who killed Jones. “I don’t know if Frank meant to kill Brian – maybe it was the horseplay in the pool that went wrong. But I knew he didn’t die a natural death. I still believe it.”

Charlie Watts thought the Rolling Stones would last three months

Jones’ daughter, Barbara Marion, still believes that her father’s death was not properly investigated and could have been murdered. talking to sky News On the 50th anniversary of Jones’ death in 2019, Marion said it was all “a bit of a mystery”.

Marion only found Jones as her father in 2002, yet she feels very connected and loyal to him. “I think he was murdered and I think the police didn’t investigate it the way they should,” she said. “I would love to reopen them [the case] And to get some answers. Nothing other than his own research has influenced these ideas.

She also believes that Jones is not always given the credit he deserves for creating The Rolling Stones. “They formed the Rolling Stones,” she said. “He picked every member, he gave them their gigs. If it wasn’t for my father, Mick Jagger would have been an accountant somewhere.”

Many people want answers about Jones’ death. But it will remain one of the most mysterious rock star deaths ever.

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