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A lawyer said Brian Laundry’s recovered remains – described by police as “bones” – would undergo further examination after failing to establish an autopsy or manner of death.

Steven Bertolino, an attorney for Laundry’s family, told Granthshala News on Friday that Laundry’s remains, which were discovered in a Florida park on Wednesday, will be sent to anthropologists for further study.


Earlier in the day, Bertolino said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​that he was told he and the Laundry family might have information about the cause of Brian’s death by Friday afternoon, but that did not happen.

Brian Laundry’s lawyer sheds light on the moment he learned of the parents’ possible remains

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“I was informed by law enforcement [Thursday] that maybe by this afternoon we’ll have some more information,” Bertolino said during the TV interview, Tampa’s Granthshala 13 reported.

The remains were found in Mycahatchee Creek Environmental Park, not far from the Laundry family home in North Port, a small Gulf Coast town about 85 miles south of Tampa.

The search ended more than a month of speculation about the whereabouts of the laundry, which had not been seen since September 13, when he left his parents’ home for a hike in the park.

The FBI confirmed it as laundry Thursday, the day after the remains were found.

Laundry, 23, was the fiancee of 22-year-old Gabby Petito, whose body was found in Wyoming on September 19. The couple went on a multi-state trip through the Western States, but Laundry returned to Florida alone on September 1.

Petito’s family reported his disappearance on September 11. Two days later, Laundry left his parents’ home, reportedly for a hike in the park where his remains were found more than a month later. His family had reported his disappearance on September 17.

Laundry was believed to be interested in Petito’s disappearance, which became a murder investigation when authorities announced after an autopsy on October 12 that the woman had died of strangulation.

23, 10 days later, a federal court in Wyoming issued an arrest warrant for Laundry’s arrest, based on allegations from Petito’s parents that he had “stolen” their daughter’s credit card. Officials linked the laundry to about $1,000 worth of purchases between August 30 and September 1.

Last week, noted criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos told Granthshala News that Brian Laundry’s family could potentially face legal consequences if they are found to have provided any assistance to the laundry while he was deemed a fugitive. goes.

Granthshala News’ Andrew Mark Miller contributed to this story.