Brian Laundrie is still alive, say Gabby Petito’s parents

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Gabby Pettito’s parents are convinced Brian Laundry is still alive and accused him of being a “coward” in an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw’s show, which aired Tuesday.

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When asked if they believe the laundry is 100 percent hidden outside, Gabby’s father, Joseph Petito, replied, “I do.”

“Because he’s a coward. Quickly. I could use some other words, but I can’t use them in your show,” he said, “whoever lives in that house is a coward, and they don’t Know how to stand up for your actions.”


Family attorney Richard Stafford, along with Joe Pettito and Nicole Schmidt, Gabby’s mother and father, and her step-parents, Tara Pettito and Jim Schmidt, spoke about the tragic circumstances in which they learned how their daughter’s body met.

At the time, the four parents were spread out in different parts of the country when the FBI told them on September 19 that they had “some information they wanted to share,” Jim Schmidt reported.

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Mr. Schmidt was in Wyoming where Petito’s body was found, Nicole was in New York and Tara and Joe Pettito were in Florida.

“We got a call from the FBI about some information they wanted to share with us. The hotel we were in was kind enough to accommodate us and provide us with the privacy we needed.” Mr. Schmidt Said, relaying the news to Nicole, Joe and Tara via a conference call.

“We could look out the front window and basically all I could see was an agent coming up and coming very quickly. Because they wanted to talk to us before we went out and they wanted to make sure we were informed and were consistent with Gabby before we heard it from anyone else,” he said. “He described to me that piece of clothing that matched one of his favorite sweaters that we knew belonged to him,” Mr. Schmidt said.

“At the same time four other people were missing. There was another girl who closely matched Gabby’s description and so they wanted to be careful saying that we found the remains before the coroner could positively identify them,” Mr Schmidt said.

“We were all crying, we held on to hope,” he said.

“As a mother, I knew she was gone,” Ms Schmidt said, fighting back tears.

Two days later, the FBI ruled Pettito’s death as a homicide, however, the results of the autopsy are still unknown. The remains of 22-year-old Gabby were found on September 19 at a campsite near Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park.

In the same interview, Mr. Pettito criticized the laundry family for procrastinating and not cooperating with the investigation.

“I honestly don’t know and they won’t tell the truth to begin with,” he said.

The Laundries – Roberta and Chris – fail to respond to texts and calls, despite several attempts by police officers, detectives, and Gabby’s parents.

“I believe they know a lot more information then they’re putting in there,” said Mr. Petito.

“I am a father. I stand up for my children for their decisions,” he said. “If they make a mistake, I will help you. I’ll walk you down that path. But you’re going to, man, you’re going to own up to your mistake because that’s what a parent does — not what they’re doing. Forgive me.”

“We all want to protect our children, it’s understandable, but it’s even more important to teach our kids right from wrong,” Mr. Schmidt said. “And when something goes wrong, you need to do the right thing and take whatever consequences may be in your own hands.”

“And it’s about a woman who once lived in her house, who was attached to her son and they wouldn’t talk to their family,” said Richard Stafford, attorney for Gabby’s family.


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