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The sister of Florida fugitive Brian Laundry told protesters outside her Lakewood Ranch home on Monday that her family was ignoring her after her brother went missing and her fiancée died.

When asked if her parents were helping Brian Laundry escape the authorities, she said “I don’t know” and she wasn’t able to speak with them.


“I’m in the boat where I’m being ignored by my family and thrown under the bus by my family’s lawyer,” Cassie Laundry told a group of protesters on Monday in a video shared by TikTok user @chroniclesofolivia said in.

Lawyers were making laundry references, Steve Bertolino blamed the media. “I do not represent Cassie Laundry,” he told Granthshala News Digital in a text message Monday night. “Cassie’s comments can only be attributed to my words and the press diverting her words to clarify prior misinterpretations by the press with the hope of further sensationalizing this tragic story. “

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Laundry made his first public remarks to a group of protesters at his home since an ABC News interview last month, while a search is underway for his brother – the subject of a federal warrant for alleged debit card fraud.

That exposure was triggered after Duane “Dog” Chapman, also known as Doug the Bounty Hunter, first revealed that the laundry family had gone camping with Brian on Labor Day, and later I met Cassie.

Bertolino confirmed that Cassie Laundry visited her brother and parents at the Fort De Soto Park campsite on September 6, and the fugitive’s sister told an ABC News interviewer that she was not able to speak to her brother.

“And I guess if you are—what is, as his sister, what’s the weirdest thing about all this to you, if you have to?” The interviewer asked, according to a transcript on ABC’s website.

“That I couldn’t talk to him,” answered Cassie Laundry. “I wish I could talk to him.”

Cassie Laundry told protesters about the exchange on Monday.

“The media misinterpreted me when they asked me if I had seen my brother,” he said. “Like I said in the beginning, they didn’t say if you saw Brian. It was, ‘What’s the weirdest thing about all of this?'”

Bertolino took issue with the dirty phrasing of the question and said over the weekend that Cassie Laundry met with Brian Laundry on both September 1 and 6.

“Any prior communication by Cassie that does not reflect these dates relates only to an answer to a question misinterpreted by Cassie or posted poorly by the asker,” he said on Saturday.

An FBI-led search uncovered Petito’s remains at a Wyoming campsite north of Jackson Hole on September 19, five days after Brian Laundry’s parents said they had last seen him.

Brian Laundry was seen leaving his home on September 14. Her parents reported her missing three days later, before the federal warrant was announced.

But he returned home on September 1 in Petito’s van – but without his fiancée. That day, the laundry surprised her sister and her kids, she said.

Petito was last seen alive a few days ago. But “nothing came of it” about him at the campground, she said.

Brian Laundry manhunt: Florida park documents confirm family was kicked out of camp after Gabby Pettito disappeared

Cassie Laundry told protesters her children had been crying since Saturday – when news of the Fort de Soto Park camping trip broke out. They ate at the campsite between 2 pm and 8 pm before stepping out as the children had school the next morning, she said on Monday. He said the last time he spoke to his brother or parents.

She said she did not know how Petito died and also confirmed that her brother flew home for several days from mid to late August before returning to Utah a few days before Pettito was last seen alive. It was full Cross-country flights were widely rumored online for weeks.

Brian Laundry’s whereabouts is currently unknown, but several possible sightings have been reported along the Appalachian Trail near the border of North Carolina and Tennessee, as well as parts of Florida.

Pettito’s remains were found at a Wyoming campsite on September 19, when he was last seen alive in Jackson Hole, a campground he believed to have shared laundry until late August.

He has not been charged with his death, which officials ruled a homicide.

Cassie Laundry insisted that she and her husband told the FBI everything they could.
“The world doesn’t need to know what the FBI knows, and that’s why we are silent,” she said.

Cassie Laundry and her husband told the crowd, “We’re just as upset, disappointed, and bewildered as everyone else.” “I’m losing my parents and my brother and my kids’ aunt and future sister-in-law on top of it all.”