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As the search for Florida fugitive Brian Laundry enters its third week, questions are arising as to how he managed to escape the authorities for so long and whether his parents may have helped give him a head start.

Parents Chris and Roberta Laundry have not been charged with any wrongdoing, but critics have taken to investigating their actions in the weeks following the disappearance of their former future daughter-in-law, Gabby Pettito, who lives in Wyoming. were found dead at a campsite. shared with his son. He didn’t say anything about the fact that she was missing and went on a labor day camp trip.


“If he provided law enforcement with false information to let Brian Laundry start a week, or if the parents sent law enforcement on a wild goose chase when he wasn’t there, then there is certainly a basis.” Blame them,” said Neema Rahmani, a former legal prodigy and federal prosecutor.

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The laundry family has been almost completely silent since Pettito’s disappearance, even though she lived with them.

Hiker claims he saw Brian Laundry near the Appalachian Trail

His son returned home from a road trip west – in his van but without him – on September 1. The family said nothing for 10 days, and Pettito’s mother reported her missing on September 11, after unsuccessful attempts to contact her on September 23. -year old Long Island native.

An FBI-led search team found her remains eight days later at a campsite near Grand Teton National Park, where she had stayed in a van with laundry in late August.

So far, Laundry has been described as a person of interest in the Petito case, but has only been charged with debit card fraud for allegedly using someone else’s bank card without permission and withdrawing more than $1,000. .

Pat Diaz, a former Miami-Dade homicide detective with decades of experience, said, “Since he immediately counseled, I doubt he made any statements.” “So it’s going to work hard to prove [wrongdoing] Until they get anecdotal evidence on the parents, which I don’t think they will have.”

Brian Laundry manhunt: Florida park documents confirm family was kicked out of camp after Gabby Petito disappeared

It is not clear whether the laundry told investigators anything. Diaz said that if he remains as tight-lipped behind closed doors as he is in public, it will be difficult to show that he lied to the authorities. But the FBI may have uncovered physical or digital evidence that is not yet publicly available.

Lara Yeretsian, another high-powered West Coast defense attorney, said potential charges against the parents depend on what they told the FBI, when investigators entered their home last month, and whether They misled the officials or gave wrong direction.

“We don’t have enough information,” she said. “It’s all conjecture, honestly.”

But if any charges are filed against the parents, he said, they could be related to obstructing justice or ancillary after the fact.

Lawyers for the laundry have said the laundry is missing and the parents do not know where their son is. Not even his daughter. Petito’s parents’ attorney alleges that Brian Laundry is hiding.

Rahmani said he expects that federal investigators have already begun to produce phone records and other evidence as part of their investigation and that more serious charges are likely against Laundry.

He also said that the behavior of the laundry family so far has been suspicious.

“Those who are worried about their future daughter-in-law, they don’t do it,” he said. “They don’t call a lawyer before reporting his disappearance to law enforcement, right? They aid in an investigation. They don’t go to the camp when they’re looking for someone. He is also inconsistent with anyone who is concerned about finding his missing children.”