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Lawyers for now-deceased Brian Laundry and his disgraced parents said they have been told by the FBI that they believe they have “everything they need” with regards to the Gabby Pettito murder investigation. .

Sitting down with Granthshala News Digital New York The Office Friday, Steven Bertolino addressed the question of whether Chris and Roberta Laundry plan to cooperate with their son’s investigation into the death of his late fiancée. After explaining what the FBI had told him, Bertolino said: “I was unaware of it until yesterday. So, things change every day in this saga.”


“And it’s sad. It’s very sad,” he continued. “So, eventually, we’ll see how it should be.”

When Granthshala News Digital sought confirmation of the revelation, the FBI declined to comment.

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Bertolino argues that his clients cooperated with investigators when it came to the search for his runaway son. But Laundry has otherwise maintained silence regarding Petito’s murder, to which the FBI has said his son was one. person of interest.

Petito, 22, and Laundry, 23, began a cross-country trip in mid-June in a white Ford Transit with plans to try and see the national parks.

According to law enforcement records, they had a physical altercation during their stay in Moab, Utah on August 12, which led to the police being arrested for possible domestic violence.

Police shut down the call without filing any charges or issuing citations, but officers ordered Laundry and Petito to spend the night separately. Officials are now investigating whether the officers handling the case violated Utah law.

On September 1, months after the couple began their journey, they returned home in a laundry van to North Port, Florida, but without Petito, officials said. 10 days later, on September 11, the girl was not reported missing when her mother filed a police report in New York. The police confiscated the van from the laundry house on the same day.

Brian Laundry was ‘sad’ when Gabby Petito disappeared days before she was found dead: Lawyer

Petito’s relatives said that while they were nervous about their daughter’s well-being, they repeatedly tried to contact the laundry and her parents, but messages were unanswered.

On Friday, Bertolino said he spoke to Brian Laundry on September 12 and 13, the same day he reportedly went missing after going for a hike at the nearby Mykahatchi Creek Environmental Park.

The lawyer, who said he has known the Laundry family for more than 20 years, said during a previous television interview that Brian was “sad” and upset when he went on a hike that day.

On Friday, he got away with it, saying he used the “wrong word” and “could have used a better choice of words.”

Bertolino told Granthshala News Digital, “I still hold to the point that Brian was upset, he was distressed. …” At the time, Chris said, you know, ‘I couldn’t stop him. he was going.’ Brian was determined to go for the hike, and it seems like something we wish he didn’t do.”

I still stand that Brian was upset, he was distressed…

–Steven Bertolino, laundry family attorney

He would not explain why Brian Laundry was so upset that day, citing privacy concerns.

Brian Laundry search: No discrepancy between FBI and parents on unavailable timeline, family lawyer says

Brian Laundry

“There was a lot going on. They were getting calls over the weekend. You know, Gabby was missing,” Bertolino said. “He needed to get out and clear his head.”

Bertolino, who initially identified the date of Brian’s disappearance as September 14, before changing the timeline weeks later, stands by his revelation earlier this week that he had informed the FBI on September 13, The day they left for the laundry hike.

Brian Laundry search: Family lawyer addresses rumors parents planted evidence in Florida swamp

He previously attributed the confusion when Brian was reported missing to authorities for a lack of communication between him and law enforcement agencies.

After notifying the FBI earlier that Monday that Bryan had not returned, “there was never any communication between me and law enforcement over the next three days,” he said Thursday.

When asked on Friday whether neither he nor his parents had contacted authorities about Brian’s whereabouts, he said, “The blame could go both ways.” He said he, the North Port Police Department and the FBI had since “cleared the air.”

Police outside Brian Laundry's home on Saturday morning

“In my words, I never called the FBI on Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday, and the FBI never called me on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday,” he continued. “We had our reasons for not calling them, and they probably had their reasons for not calling us.”

When it came to Brian officially filing a missing persons report, Bertolino said he went to get an outside opinion as to whether he would be violating attorney-client confidentiality by doing so.

“I had to get an ethical opinion on Thursday the 16th, just to be sure that if I was going to report Brian’s disappearance that I would not violate any of my client’s privileges or trust,” he said. . “I’m confident in what I did in my role here – the parents were aware of it every step of the way.”

The FBI’s Denver Field Office announced in a statement Thursday that Laundry was positively identified using dental records that were found Wednesday morning within the Myakkahachi Creek Environmental Park.

The same morning, Chris and Roberta Laundry, with the help of two law enforcement officers, searched the park, which is attached to the T. Mabry Carlton Jr. Memorial Reserve.

Gabby Petito Massacre: Timeline of the Disappearance with Brian Laundry

Officials and a lawyer said the laundry’s remains and some of its belongings, including a notebook and a backpack, were found on or near a path he often knew. Announcing the discovery Wednesday, FBI Denver special agent in charge Michael McPherson said the remains and objects were found in an area that was under water until recently.

After a week-long search of Florida swamps yielded no answers from officials, the park was reopened to the public on Tuesday. At the time, Bertolino said that the laundry informed authorities that they wanted to search Brian’s frequent sites.

During the couple’s time inside the park, a Granthshala News Digital reporter saw Chris and Roberta Laundry along with two law enforcement officers searching the area.

Images show Gabby Petito in her sophomore year and Brian Laundry as a junior at Bayport-Blue Point High School in New York.

During their search, Laundry discovered a white bag and a dark colored object after traveling through a patch of brambles on a clearing at the edge of the brush. They can then be seen putting the item in the bag and handing it over to the law enforcement officer soon thereafter.

In a video obtained exclusively by Granthshala News Digital, a laundry and law enforcement officer is seen fluttering and speaking as officers show the couple another unearthed item. The officer appeared to tell the parents: “I think we may have found something.” The officer could be seen patting Chris Laundry’s shoulder as he cruised along with them.

The now deceased couple met in Long Island, New York, where they grew up and later moved to a Florida home with Brian’s parents.

Petito’s body was discovered in Wyoming on September 19. Investigators have ruled his death a homicide and found that he died of strangulation by hand.

Granthshala News’ Michael Ruiz contributed to this report.