Britain ready to return to cinemas, survey reveals

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    59 percent of the respondents remembered cinema as an entertainment activity outside their home

    A survey has found that people in Britain are eager to return to theaters.

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    Research by MetricsLab, at the request of the Film Distributors Association, concluded that 59 percent of respondents recalled cinema as an entertainment activity outside their home.

    It was also found that 40 percent of respondents plan to return within the first few weeks of reopening, and 36 percent within the first few months.

    Additionally, a UK-wide survey asked participants for their views of a brief period between lockdowns in 2020, when theaters reopened for a few months. It found that 93 percent of the audience had a positive experience, while 99 percent of the coronoviruses were satisfied with health and safety measures.

    Currently England is set to reopen the indoor cinema on 17 May.

    Vue Cinema CREDIT: Nathan Strick / Getty Images

    Cinema First, a cross-industry body promoting cinema-making in the UK, represents the Film Distributors Association (which represents UK film distributors) and the UK Cinema Association, UK cinema operators as its main components.

    Ian Jacob, cinema’s first chair, said [via Variety]: “After a long period of lockdown, it’s great to see that such a large section of the public can’t wait to get back into the cinema. Our research confirms what we expected: a lockdown at home since December After, we are all eager to escape from the cinema to experience the magic that comes only from watching a movie on the big screen.

    “Cinemas across the UK are thrilled to reopen their doors and welcome fans of the film and reinvent the thriving culture of theaters.”

    In related news, the UK box office reported a 76 percent drop in 2020 due to the coronavirus virus epidemic. It dropped £ 1.3 billion at the box office after five consecutive years, while 2020 earnings were just £ 323 million.

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