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Britney Spears’ Instagram account disappeared in the days following her engagement to Sam Asghari, but the star promised she wouldn’t be gone for long.

“Don’t worry guys… taking a little break from social media to celebrate my engagement!!!!” The 39-year-old singer tweeted on Tuesday. “I’ll be back soon.”


Spears’ attorney Matthew Rosengart also told Granthshala News in a statement that “it was her decision” to step away from the social media platform.

Meanwhile, a formula told Page Six that “She is happy and in a good place.” The insider added, “And silence can be a powerful thing and a powerful message.”

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Britney Spears Shares Message About Control, Manipulation Amidst Fight for Freedom from Protection

Spears’ decision to delete her Instagram account came after the pop star’s recent post focused on being controlled by others.

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Late Monday, the “Toxic” singer took to her Instagram to share an article titled “Infusing Education with Heart,” in which Spears says she bonds. This is an article which she has shared earlier on her social platform and it discusses the importance of teaching children by heart.

The pop star, who is struggling to break free from a stereotype she is under 13, discussed knowing what it’s like to be “controlled by someone else.” Her words on social media reflect sentiments shared in court over the past several months as she accused her father, Jamie Spears, of “conservative abuse.”

just last week, Jamie Petition filed to end the stereotype of pop stars, a move that stunned his fans as it came months after his father shared his opposition to his lawyer’s requests to step down as his mentor. Has been controlling Jamie Spears’ finances since 2009 singer Had to go through a series of involuntary holdings. Spears has been locked in a court battle with Jamie over the years as she works to regain control of her life.

Granthshala News’ Melissa Roberto contributed to this report.