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Britney Spears is considering putting pen to paper.

On Tuesday, the 39-year-old pop star announced on Instagram that she is considering releasing a book in 2022 and offered some possible titles.


Along with a photo of herself biting her nails, the star said she “got away” on Monday when she posted four times on the social media app – posts that wished her fans a happy Halloween, “Sex and The City” character. Carrie Bradshaw, Beyoncé and Flowers.

“Oh well… it’s me thinking about it,” she said about the silly picture. “S–T…. I’ll be calmer one day!!!! PSS sorry for the uncool participation!!!!!!”

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Britney Spears says she’s writing a book about a girl’s ghost ‘hanging in limbo due to trauma and pain’

He then announced his plans to potentially rejoin the literary community.

“Psssssss good news too… I’m looking at releasing a book next year,” she revealed, “but I’m having problems coming up with a title so maybe my fans can help!!!! “

Spears suggested that either “S–T, I really don’t know” or “I really care what people think.”

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“What do you guys think???” He posed.

The star didn’t provide any additional details about what the book would be about, but recent months have seen her open up about what she’s experienced during her years of long and attention-grabbing conservatism, which means That topic may be fair game for a book.

Spears didn't reveal any other details about the book, but asked fans' help in choosing the title.

Fans commented on the post, suggesting that Spears was shadowing her sister Jamie Lynn with an Instagram post and joking that the title should play on the title of Jamie Lynn’s upcoming memoir titled “Things I Should Have”. Said”. country singer reportedly landed on the title After facing backlash for wanting to call the book “I Must Confess”, a phrase that is also a lyric from Spears’ song “…Baby One More Time”.

“Queen to shade her sister,” wrote one person. “Drag Hero [sic] Queen,” said another. “Fitted,” said another person. “Look at JL.”

“Jamie Lynn shadow lol,” said another.

“Things my sister shouldn’t have said,” wrote one follower.

“How about ‘things my sister should have said,’ echoed another.

A third suggested that he take the title “I Must Confess”.

Jamie Lynn unveils book: ‘Convinced to share my story’

Also, Jamie Lynn has been at the center of controversy ever since the pop star started speaking out against her family.

“If I had a sister,” one fan suggested that the “Toxic” singer call her book.

“She came in for Jamie Lynn lmfaoooooooooooooo,” said a third.

Spears recently said that she is writing a book

It’s not clear whether the book is the same one she said on Instagram last week that she’s currently writing, which she said would be “about a girl who was murdered… Have to cross the world she knew!!!”

When the girl is given a chance to go into the real world, Spears said at the time, “He has a decision to make… Greet the same people who killed him or created a new life!!!!”

Spears previously co-authored the books “Heart-to-Heart” and “A Mother’s Gift” with her mother, Lynn. The books were released in 2000 and 2001 respectively.