Britney Spears’ team says father’s alleged secret surveillance is “horrifying and unconscionable”

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Spears’ legal team also claimed that Jamie Spears “crossed bottomless lines”

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Britney Spears’ legal team says the secret surveillance her father allegedly conducted in her bedroom is “horrible and unconscionable”.

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Surveillance claims were initially made in controlling britney spears, ns new York Times‘ Follow-up to his earlier documentary Framing Britney Spears. In the documentary that aired last week (September 24), people alleged that Britney was under close surveillance through her guardianship.

Claims made in a documentary made by Now Journalists Liz Day and Samantha Stark, include that Spears was recorded in her bedroom, that her phone was messed with messages sent to her father and mentor, Jamie Spears, and that conversations between her and her two sons was recorded.


Britney’s legal team spoke out against her father in light of allegations in the documentary, saying in a new legal filing that, if true, Jamie Spears had performed a “horrific and unconscious invasion of her adult daughter’s privacy.”

“Mr. Spears has crossed bottomless lines,” wrote the filing on Monday (27 September), per Guardian.

“While they are not evidence, the allegations require serious investigation, certainly by Ms. Spears that, among other things, California is a ‘two-party’ consent state.”

Neither Brittany nor Jamie have yet publicly reacted to the claims, but the case will have another hearing tomorrow (September 29), and living judges will consider both Brittany and Jamie’s requests to end the controversial conservatism. will do.

Day and Stark revealed in an interview Diversity Spears’ emotional 24-minute testimony in June, where she called the stereotype “outrageous,” helped encourage people to speak up in this second installment.

“Britney speaking in court was really a game changer, in terms of people saying they were ready to break the NDA, or that they felt it was important to speak up,” Day told PEOPLE speaking for the documentary.


“It was completely shocking,” the day went on, citing surveillance claims. “One of the reasons it was so shocking is because we had heard rumors about it – people have speculated that his phone is bad or that his house is bad, but no one really had evidence.”

Another Documentary on Star, Another Title from Netflix britney vs spearsComing later today (28 September) – watch the trailer here.

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