Broadway director Jerry Zaks on the new ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ and ‘Music Man’ shows

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zaks’ b’way double play

Jerry Zaks has more rewards than Kamala apologises. Before the pandemic, he said “Hello, Dolly!” Via tampered with Bette Midler. Mid-pandemic, he is simultaneously re-directing Hugh Jackman’s “Music Man” in Winter Garden with Sutton Foster as well as newbie “Mrs. Doubtfire” in Stephen Sondheim.

Jacques: “‘Doubtfire’, where we had to rewrite some, opens on December 5th. ‘Music Man’ on February 10th. Two years ago a table has been read for developing the ‘Music Man’ set – actor one The first time the script is sitting around reading – was on Zoom.

“Music Man” with Hugh, which premiered at Majestic in 1957 and won five tons, is now in rehearsals with Warren Carlyle. They’ve worked together before and Carlyle wrote ‘Hello, Dolly!’ Choreographed. with me. In order to get in shape, Hugh has been dancing constantly for a year and a half.

Going back and forth between “Doubtfire” to ‘Music Man’ I’ve walked 50 million steps. I have to make sure I keep my feet because we’re wagging our tails. Let me tell you one thing: all Because of the walk, my 1986 tux fits perfectly.”

A bit rewritten about Robin Williams’ 1993 comedy film “Doubtfire”, now starring Rob McClure, he says: “At first I felt a little apprehensive, but now I know we’re in pretty good shape. are in.”

Now all you need to do is hold Zax’s legs.

The movie is gucci, gucci, ewww!

The movie “House of Gucci” has a rating of four points. Boring, tedious, long, uh. A poorly fitting suit is better. Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons are excellent as they always are. The ubiquitous Gaga, with all-powerful close-ups, is not omniscient. A cinematic crazy glue he is not. The film is slow. Tall. dragged out. You can’t wait until it’s over so you can go to pee. If you’re itching to see Gucci – go to the store.

Adam Driver and Lady Gaga in the movie "House of Gucci".
Adam Driver and Lady Gaga in the movie “House of Gucci”.
AP. via Fabio Lovino / MGM

no, thanks”

Once again being a time of pandemic, here is the history: 1621. The Wampanogs showed our settlers how to sow crops, but none of the Aborigines were asked for this first Thanksgiving meal. Despite being tough on the invites, they crashed. He also contributed deer (not turkey). His reward? They caught diseases exported by these pilgrims, for which their immune systems were not prepared for battle. As a result, some Native Americans have declared Thanksgiving a “day of mourning.”

a look ahead

Psychic Paula Roberts’ 2022 predictions:

NYC: Mayor Eric Adams fights crime, improves public transportation, accommodates a quarter of unused office space for mixed-income families, bans cars 24/7 from Central Park. Always punctual.

America: Kovid has decreased in 2023. , , The market ended the year well. , , Industries slow in the first quarter, increase in March. , Tech shaky, but overall good. , , Gold stable investment. slight rise. , , Oil long term investment. , , Carnival Cruises Stock Crash. , , Banks will recover from a good first quarter, the fall at the end of March.

International: Japan: Good investment long term, despite South Korea losing major contract.

Crypto: Improvement early. Need a strong stomach. Meaningful long term.

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Not only in New York, kids, not only in New York.


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