Bruce Buffer names his favorite UFC fighter

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    Bruce Buffer has revealed his favorite UFC fighter of all time. The legendary voice of the Octagon stated that Georges St-Pierre, a former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion, is someone he holds high regard for.

    After working for the UFC since 1996, Bruce Buffer is widely regarded as the greatest combat sports ring announcer of all time. The younger brother of legendary professional boxing ring announcer Michael Buffer, Bruce has earned his name in history as one of the most famous and successful MMA personalities and a true ambassador of combat sports around the world.

    In an interview with RT Sports MMA, Bruce Buffer talks on many topics. Among the above topics was a brief discussion on the greatest fighters of all time. Then what fond buff liked the conversation –

    “Georges Saint-Pierre,” Bruce Buffer said, questioned who his favorite fighter is. “I love George-Saint-Pierre, you know. There are many Again, this is very difficult. I’ve got Chuck Liddell ready to come out, you know. There are many You know, that’s the beauty of this whole thing. Not just one, but many, of course. But class factor, all-around, everything, role model, you name it, Georges Saint-Pierre is one of the greatest fighters of the Octagon to ever grace our game. You know, if I was going to put one there. And I can mention others. ”(* H / T Sportscaid for transcription)

    In addition, Bruce Buffer also revealed that Randy Couture is one of his favorite fighters of all time, pointing to his legendary resume. Couture is a former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion and is also a UFC Hall of Famer.

    Bruce Buffer and many others in the MMA world are one of the real icons of George Saint-Pierre, the sports icon

    Georges St-Pierre

    The last GSP battle was transferred back in November 2017. He A professional MMA has not competed in boxing since.

    Recently, there were a lot of rumors about Georges St-Pierre potentially returning undefeated and recently retired, for a fight against UFC lightweight champion Khyb Nurmagomedov.

    However, Dana White recently shot down the idea, claiming that neither GSP nor Nurmagomedov were interested in the fight.

    In addition, the Eagles consistently claimed to have no intention of coming out of retirement, believing that he could either vacate the UFC lightweight title or be snapped up sooner rather than later. Currently, the dream matchup between Nurmagomedov and Georges St-Pierre is unlikely to flourish.

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