Bryson DeChambo’s working golf is not yet complete

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    AUGUSTA, Ga. – Bryson DeChambo stormed the venerable golf gates last year, looting a massive landscape with swings on the ball to feel so powerful that as if the perceiver could pull just one muscle, to stand near it .

    On Tuesday, US Open champion, DeChambo made a comeback at Augusta National Golf Club, and while he is too polite to behave like an anarchist, he could not help but start the next phase of the rebellion.

    The entertainer DeChambeau envisaged 7-foot pro golfers overturning the clean links like so many veterans in a small playground.

    “Athletes will have a huge advantage, once you get someone out here who is a 7-foot tall man and they are able to swing a golf club easily at a speed of 145 mph, “DeChambeau said. “When things get a bit interesting.”

    Really, what a picture. Especially since dozens of current top PGA Tour golfers are no more than 5-foot-9. There is a path to development.

    For a swing speed of 145 mph, assume that DeChambeau leads the PGA Tour at a rate of about 133 mph. Adding another spontaneously at 12 miles per hour would produce a drive of about 400 yards.

    “When I’m going to be obsolete, possibly too,” DeChambeau said smiling.

    27 year old DeChambeau had already dropped out of golf? A stalwart of young golf fans – and new golf fans enticing the game with Dechambo’s fast, disgusting style – may faint at the notion that his handicap-smashing hero may have an expiration date at all times.

    Part of DeChambeau’s charm is the way he thinks, and Tuesday was another example of Bryson growing up, as he does everything else.

    Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the movement he has made is realistically taking hold. DiCambo noted that he saw a young golfer enter the Augusta National’s drive, chip and put competition on Sunday, mimicking long-drive champion Kyle Berkshire’s over-the-top swing sequence. Or was he imitating Decombo?

    “I made several college kids DM on Instagram and asked me: ‘How do I get stronger? How can I get faster?'” So you’re already starting to see it – from the collegiate level to the junior golf level .

    He Pro level left, where Rory McElroy recently admitted that he messed up his swing this spring and tried to emulate Dechambeau to gain more yards from Teach. Keep in mind that McIlroy finished second on the PGA Tour in driving distance and was already much taller than his rivals, save one.

    But DeChambeau has shrugged off the competition almost as much as it has stirred up once-sleeping golf galleries. Now, fans in the tournament begin to rejoice as DeChambo is 50 yards out, eager to see what he can unveil next regarding strength and timing.

    “it will not stop; There is no way this will stop, ”DeChambeau said. “It is also good for sports. When you are doing this you are making it more inclusive.

    The image
    Credit …Justin Lane / EPA, via Shutterstock

    Being this Masters, it is almost inevitably a suggestion for Dechambo that he is about to start using a more powerful driver that will produce longer drives.

    Last year, it was a 48-inch driver, the longest among the rules. DeChambeau never used the club, but he struggled to complete the course and finished 34th. This year, it is a prototype Cobra driver with a new design and technology in the club’s head and face.

    Like any good artist who wants to guess his audience, DeChambeau will say the same about the new arrow in his quiver.

    “Obviously there’s something in the bag this week that’s very helpful – I won’t go into the specifics of it,” he said. “But I know it has been a few years in the making, and I am very excited for it. Whether it helps me perform at a high level, I’m not sure, because it’s golf and you never know what happens. “

    But when asked which Augusta national hole he could approach in a different way as he got away from the tee, Dekhumbu began talking about blowing a drive over the trees to the right of the first hole. , Then began to overcome other possible targets. In a few seconds, he noted five additional holes that could be weakened.

    DeChambeau has yet to win the satanic greens of Augusta National, and during last year’s Masters he also revealed health issues including dizziness. While remaining in character, when asked if he felt better this week, DeChambeau gave a response that was rich and technical.

    “It took about four or five months to find out,” he said. “We went through CT scans, X-rays, cardioid measurements. We had ultrasound on our heart, measurement of blood vessels on our neck. You name it, we did it – sinuses, CT scan measurements, infection checks and everything. And we got nothing.

    Fans of DeChambeau may rest, as their revolution is still set. Clearly, the last thing the doctors checked was Dechambo’s brain oxygen levels, as he said, “the brain was stressed.”

    New breathing techniques were introduced and the disease disappeared like magic.

    “It literally just went away,” DeChambeau said, shrinking his shoulders and turning his palms upward.

    For the next adventure.

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