The rise of remote working encouraged employees to rethink their relationship to work and put themselves first. We spoke with Newsweek Expert Forum member – and longtime remote worker – Melissa Pulse about the “human experience of work” and how putting people first should not only inform how you manage your team. how you do it, but also your relationships with your customers and customers.

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Two and a half years after the start of the pandemic, it is clear that hybrid and remote work are here to stay. Allowing employees to work from a location of their choice is now table stake for companies recruiting and retaining top talent. But facilitating this transition requires a high level of IT infrastructure, including unified end-point management of users, devices, applications, and locations, along with their required permissions and credentials. The experience needs to be user-friendly and accessible as well as secure and compliant, while providing actionable, data-driven insights.

This challenge – that employees from any corner of the world need to deliver to all companies in order to work happily and productively – is summed up in the mission statement that Melissa Pulse, senior VP and CMO of IT software company Eventy, said. The company has prepared for early 2022. -Brand: “Make the workplace possible everywhere so that people and organizations can thrive.”


The ‘Everywhere Workplace’ may be worth discussing in 2022, but it was a way of life for pals long before the pandemic. Two decades ago, while pursuing a career in IT, she decided to raise her family along Cape Cod rather than in one of the major tech capitals like San Francisco or New York without compromising on her career ambitions. Pulse eventually took on marketing leadership positions with Progress, Iron Mountain, Infor and Avid, all working from a location where, as she explains, she could walk along the beach and feel strong. Is. “It was important to me that my kids get to experience growing up too,” says Pulse.

Balancing motherhood with an octane-powered career “runs in the family,” explains Pulse, who prides herself as a second-generation female CMO. Pulse’s mother spent many years as a senior marketing executive for software development giant Cronos, which is now part of UKG, and Pulse usually remembers the last child raised from gymnastics practice, often by a mother in a power suit. wearing (whereas other moms wore jeans.) At the time, Pals recalls that she found it all a little embarrassing—yet she felt elated to hear about her mother’s responsibilities and work accomplishments, especially when her The mother began soliciting Pulse’s opinion on aspects of the business.

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It was no surprise when Pulse began his career at Cronos, filling envelopes with information to go out to possibilities. Eventually, she began working directly with the marketing team and persuaded her supervisor to hire an intern (a local college student with whom Pulse is still friends) to assist her. Pulse describes the experience as developing an understanding in your own realization of your abilities and interests, and that success in the workplace means reaching “not only above, but beyond” by providing opportunities for others.

Within Ivanti’s marketing division, Pulse enjoys the excitement of helping customers achieve sales goals while helping them do just that. Pulse reflects on the human experience of work at both the employee and customer level. She gives a significant amount of credit to the IT teams, whom she considers to be the “undersung heroes” of this current era in the global workplace transition. It is their job to create and support the seamless workflow needed to work everywhere so that employees can do their best work.

Pulse also views Eventi’s offerings as B2B or B2C transactions, instead referring to them as B2H—”business-to-human”. It also speaks to the end-user idea – which Pulse has always put at the forefront of its thinking – and the need to consistently deliver superior user experience and functionality. These changes to products and services, Pulse emphasizes, must be driven by data, and supported and facilitated by AI solutions; In a paradoxical way, Pulse says, the increasing reliance on machines is related to the inevitability of creating a more human touch.

The results of Pulse’s approach speak for themselves; As head of global marketing, she has led Ivanti to hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, and to the notice of institutions such as management consulting giant and king-maker Gartner, which named Ivanti a leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant . A leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management Tools and for IT Service Management Tools. As the workplace everywhere becomes the norm (and, as part and parcel of great resignation, employees take advantage of more choice on the type of environment in which they work), the IT capabilities along with a clear vision of the Evanti company Combined with what human users are actually becoming not only a good, but a necessity. (Pulse estimates the company won some 22 awards in the past year for the company’s bold brand relaunches and marketing vision.)

When asked about his success, Pulse recounts another incident in his youth: Marlboro, MA, accompanied by his father – a local politician – went to the homes of his constituents, where they sipped cups of tea and visited the families. Talk to them about their needs. At different times in his career, Pulse has “parachuted” into troubled marketing departments at other companies, talking to them about their problems and helping them devise quick solutions to their pain points—something like Which she says she might be excited to do again in the future. But it is his father’s memory of community service that, in the true sense of the word, is most closely aligned with Pulse’s mission to bring to market products and solutions that put people first.