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Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco joined “Granthshala and Friends” on Tuesday, and explained why he is defying Governor Newsom’s COVID vaccine mandate.

It’s not – Govt. Gavin Newsom survives California recall election


white sheriff: We’re making it easily available to everyone and that’s another thing that goes against the narrative, especially with me, is that I’m anti-vaccine. Not me. I want everyone who wants the vaccine to get the vaccine and so we have months and months of opportunity to get our workers vaccinated and it’s 40% they are either medical or their personal beliefs, religious beliefs, whatever Be the case, they don’t want this vaccine and they’re not going to take it, and they’re the ones who are coming to me, even those who have been vaccinated, to be there for their partners. Giving thanks to me who don’t believe it or don’t want it.

Watch full interview below

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