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Governor Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., signed legislation on Tuesday eliminating the mandatory minimum prison sentence for nonviolent drug offenses.

NS bill, SB73, becomes effective January 2022 and allows judges to sentence offenders to probation instead of jail time. Under current law, probation is off the table for anyone selling or having for sale more than 14 grams of heroin or PCP.


The bill was previously sponsored by State Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, who commended the governor for his actions.

“The racist, failed War on Drugs has helped build our system of mass confinement, and we must and must eliminate the remnants of it, which still exist today,” Wiener said. San Francisco Chronicle. “The War on Drugs policies are ineffective, inhumane and costly.”

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Wiener also tweeted about the new law, writing, “The mass imprisonment of nonviolent drug offenders has not reduced drug use or addiction. Time for a new approach. Thx, Governor, for this overdue move.” “

“Our prisons and prisons are full of people – especially from communities of color – who have committed low-level, nonviolent drug crimes and who would be better served by non-carcer options such as probation, rehabilitation and treatment, Weiner said. To The Associated Press. “This is an important measure that will help end California’s system of mass incarceration.”

According to the AP, the California Association of Highway Patrolmen condemned the new law, saying existing penalties “serve as a deterrent or as a reason to treat individuals.” The law enforcement group seriously predicted that the law would make drug crimes worse.

The California Police Chiefs Association warned that Wiener’s bill “sets a dangerous precedent … and will endanger the health and safety of the communities we swear to protect.”

Wiener has sponsored other controversial laws in the state Senate, such as Law To allow “safe injection sites” for drug addicts.

In 2020, Wiener won a . made headlines for presenting bill Which gave a judge discretion to bar a young adult convicted of gay sex with a minor from being registered as a sex offender, which Newsom also signed off on.

The other Bill Weiner threw his weight behind included a decriminalize psychedelics And one more which made intentionally infecting a sexual partner with HIV a misdemeanor rather than a crime.